Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 24, 2014

Dear Family :)
     This week has been really good :) First off before I talk about this week I have a couple things to update you all on. So Hong, the guy I taught in Billings, yes he got baptized :) yea! Then Elder Gordy, who I knew in Billings and he served a mini mission here. Well he was just called to the St. George Utah mission! and he leaves December 4th :) I am so happy for him, he will change many many many peoples lives. It's pretty cool cause the elders from my mtc district are there..besides the ones that came here haha.
     Ok now to this week. In the beginning of the week we taught a lot of people which was awesome. Then we went on exchanges, I was with the Ronan Sisters and sister Martin went with the St. Ignatius sisters. It was so awesome cause I was able to work with the sisters and then also on our way back on the next day we were in St Ignatius and  I was able to say Hi to Sister Krantz, she remembered me :) I was only there for a week, but she remembered me. That was such a powerful experience to be in St Ignatius, even if only for 15 minutes, because that is where my mission really began for me. I know I started up in Bigfork, but as you all know I had a rough start with companionship issues...well so 3 weeks into my mission I was transferred to St Ignatius to be with Sister Romrell who was my sister training leader, and she helped change my mission from that point on. She taught me so much and inspired me. That is where my growth as a missionary started. Where hope came into my mission, and that was only 3 weeks in to my mission and now i only have about that amount of time left and I was able to go there and see Sister Krantz, and remember, and now I am on the other side of it..I am trying to help sisters and love them.  What a tender mercy from God, to be able to reflect on my mission and remember the miracles that have happened and the blessings that have come and the sons and daughters of God that I have met. 
      Anyways after coming home from exchanges we have just been finding and have had some appointments. Remember how for the longest time I always was so scared to tract..well It hit me this week..I am fine with it now.. and I am pretty sure that happened while in Bozeman, and now I do enjoy it. I have learned how to tract so much better. I used to just say "hi we are missionaries....would you be interested" and that did not work a lot, haha but now I am learning to do and apply what Preach my gospel has taught me, to teach right away. It is pretty cool to see how by teaching, anything that related back to the Restoration, so many more hearts are softened and they don't always say yes but they are so much more willing to talk. Testimony is powerful. The spirit comes in and softens hearts. This week has been so good. I love just working hard and being obedient it brings so many blessings and just makes me so happy to please my Father in Heaven.
            Yesterday we spoke in church and we were asked to speak on Christ-like attribute, and so I chose faith and obedience. I prepared a lot but was still pretty scattered, but had a rough outline..cause really we never have a lot of time to prepare because we need to be out proselyting. Anyways I prayed and prayed for the spirit to be with me as a I spoke and I knew I needed to slow down as I spoke also. And the spirit was there and it worked so well. I said things that I did not even think about before, and I was able to speak slower and to rely on the spirit and stay calm....I am so grateful for answers to prayers!
       Oh guess what!!! we have a new thing happened this transfer called mission leadership training which is like Mission leadership council, but with all missionaries so it was like a zone conference in a scene. Those mission meetings are just so inspiring! I love it. I was so pumped up with the spirit and learned so much! I also saw Sister Austin. I found out last Monday that I would see her, but she did not know that, and so I thought I would surprise her. She saw me and we just gave each other such a big hug and we were like connected the rest of the day,  haha. I just love Sister Austin so much! She has become one of my absolute best friends. I also will get to see her in 2 weeks for Christmas zone conference! yea!!!!
          Oh ok so for Thanksgiving we are going to have a wonderful day we have appointments the whole day! So I am positive I am going to be stuffed! I am so excited. We are spending dinner with Sami, who is a older man form Egypt, he converted like 10 years ago and went less active but has been coming back for a couple months and is awesome! He is so funny. He has some crazy questions haha. Then we have several other people we will be meeting with also. :)
 Well I love all of you.  Have a very wonderful and happy and grateful Thanksgiving! I am excited to tell you all about it! Have a great week :) I love you!
                 -Sister Draudt

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