Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I love being a missionary, there is not ANYTHING better

Dear Family,
    1st off...I have some pretty sad news. I was on the computer last Tuesday writing up a thing for president and I saw an email from sister Harwood. That email said that Duane passed away last Sunday. I do not know the whole story, but just that he did not come to church and they were worried, and so Brother Mathson our ward mission leader checked on him and he had passed always. I loved Duane so much. He is one of my favorite people. I ask you to all remember his family in your prayers. I know Duane has more to learn in the spirit world and I feel like it is right. I had a hard time at first. But really to think about everything, it is a miracle that I met him. I was transferred to Bozeman right when he started letting missionaries come, and we were able to teach him and help him return to the gospel. He became like a grandpa to me. If I did not go to Bozeman when I did..I would have never known him. Heavenly Father's hand is in every minute of our lives. We always would ask Duane to pray, and for a long time he would not, but then towards the end, he started praying with us, but not on his own. Then I got an email from Sister Harwood saying he prayed in church. :) That is awesome! I have been thinking a lot about him, and he always said he would pray, and thinks about it , but he just wanted it to be a good and sincere prayer. I wonder if he got that prayer in. I feel like he probably did :) I feel like Duane finally was able to talk to our Heavenly Father openly and sincerely, and that he felt loved. I really feel like he was able to do that before he passed. I am so grateful that I knew Duane. It is hard to know I won't be able to see him in this life again, but at least I can talk to him, I am excited to one day get to the spirit world and see Duane. I know he is learning and growing so much. It will be great to see even more change in him. :)
               Well besides that my week has been great :) We had Christmas Zone Conference, and that was awesome. I was able to see Sister Barkdull for a minute, and Then I spent lunch with Sister Austin. Oh my goodness she is just awesome! I love her. We just had so much fun catching up and then the Bakers were also there so we all got  a picture together. All of us once again together :) I cried a lot during Zone conference...it was hard because it was so amazing. I NEVER want it to end. I got your letter mom :) thanks. At the end I shook president hand and all he said was "I will be interviewing you on Saturday, though I really don't want to" Yep then I lost it and started bawling. haha Then I looked over at sister Mecham and she burst into tears and just gave me the biggest hug and said "You have come so far" that one sentence....18 months of learning ,more like a life time. I love the Mechams so much. They have blessed and helped change my life forever. After shaking their hands I went over to Elder Bishop, one of the assistants and he just starts telling me about the dessert table and how I need some dessert because it will make me happy. So I walk past it on my way out but I did not grab anything cause I didn't want it, and he saw  that and just started yelling, "IT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY!" bahahahaha. So that helped for like 2 seconds, until I saw Sister Austin. WE just gave each other huge hugs and stood there. Oh I love her. We went through a lot being doubled into Riverton together and so we are so close. 
               The car ride home was good. When we got home we only had like 2 hours left of proselyting time so we went to work of course! Which was great!
               Ron is doing so well. We taught him the plan of salvation and loved it. He was not able to come to the Christmas part of stake conference cause he was in so much pain, poor guy. We brought him cake from the party and he loved it...he better have because I spilled apple pie all over my skirt...twice! to get him that,  bahahahaha. Yesterday though toward the end of the day he was feeling a little better, not  the best, but he is awesome and so he came to the Christmas devotional, he loved it! He is doing so well. I just love Ron! I will get a picture with him this week. 
               I had my departing interview on Saturday, because there are so many missionaries going home, he had to spread them out last week instead of just when we get to the mission home. I asked for a blessing while in my departing interview and I am so grateful I got that. It was a very powerful blessing. That is all I am going to say cause I don't want to focus on  that bahaha. However I will say I am so grateful President Mecham was and is my mission president. He has helped me so much throughout my mission, and taught me so much! When we had Mission tour earlier this year. Elder Godoy who came, told us that we should pray to have the right mission president for our children and our selves, not the right area, because the mission president is just that vital. And I know it is. I could not have had a different mission president. President Mecham needed to be mine.
            I am so grateful for my mission. I will always be remembering it, and eventually I will be serving another with my husband :) That will be wonderful. I am so happy I served here in Montana, I know it will help me be a better missionary when I am home. The Montana Billings Mission is the best mission in the World. I love it with all my heart. I love the people with my whole soul. Like I have been saying, Heavenly Father is in every second of our lives and has a plan for each of us, and that is one of the most important things I have learned!
    Oh guess what!!!! Remember in Bozeman when I was teaching Zack, but he actually lived in Billings :) Well he got baptized on Saturday! I am so happy for him! He wrote me on Facebook and told me how excited he was to be baptized and told me he will send pictures :) I am so happy for him and his wife, and then in  year they will be sealed for time and eternity :)
              Well I love all of you so much! You all have blessed me so much and I just love you :) Have a great week :)...see ya soon...
                Love SISTER Draudt

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dear Family,
     This week has been one amazing week. I have felt my Heavenly Father so much and seen him work in my life. This week we started off on exchanges and I was in my area with Sister Gardner, this is her second transfer and oh my goodness she is such a sweetheart. She is from Enterprise Utah, and we just had so much in common. It was so funny because we went to bed the first night we were on exchanges and I said goodnight and started to go to sleep after my prayers and then she just came alive and started talking to me for like an hour just about different things we both have in common and it was so fun, however I got so tired haha. On Tuesday we were also together and that is when I called sister Baker about going to the Doctor cause I got pretty sick again and couldn't really breath without coughing and so we called sister Baker...how ever I could not remember dad's exact birthday that is why she has to call....sorry dad. I really love you so much...I just was sick :P so I couldn't remember haha. Well because I couldn't remember a miracle happened also...just so you know, so God planned it that way haha. Since I did not remember I had to wait till Wednesday when I heard the Birth date. So before going to the Doctors I got a blessing from my district leader, saying I would heal fast. It was a wonderful blessing. Then we did some other things and then went to the doctor..well first off they took my temperature and I had a fever of 101 that I had no idea I had..I just thought I was hot haha. BLESSING from Heavenly Father for sure! Then they decided that I have bronchitis. And prescribed me an antibiotic and an inhaler.  Well we left the Doctors and I was so happy to finally get things figured out, cause I am so sick of being sick haha. We decided we would wait till the end of the night to go get my perscription, so we went with the Furrers (ward missionaries) to try a less active, he wasn't home, but they found out that I needed to go to the pharmacy and they told us it closed at 8 so I need to go over right then, because it would also be closed on Thanksgiving, the next day. So we booked it over to Rosars. I am telling you all these details, because they all had to work out like they did so that we would be at Rosars at the right time. Heavenly Father is in every second of out lives and I know this even more so becuase of what happened next. We got in to Rosars and started looking for the pharmacy, and I saw this man from the back and I just felt like I needed to look at his face. So I walked in front of him and it just clicked, I knew him, He fit the description of this referral the temple square sisters gave us the week before. However we had not been able to get a hold of him. So I asked him right there "what is your name" and ok I realize now that is a really creepy question to ask, especially since I like leaned into him and was like a foot away. Cause he seemed a little weirded out, but he answered and said "...Ron?" and of course being who I am I jumped in the air with my hands out and said "we have been looking for you!" I introduced who I was and he was so happy to see us also. We had to be there at that time, which means I had to wait to go and see the Doctor till the next day, so I had to forget dads birthday, and we had to have that less active not be home so the Furrers could tell us to go to the pharmacy. Because we needed to find Ron. 
       Now let me tell you about Ron. We set up an appointment and he was excited for it. By the way the description of him was that he had long hair, an earring and a bandanna. (by the way that sounds funny, but he actually looks pretty put together. He's probably in his 60's I would say. Here is his story. So about a year ago missionaries knocked on his door and gave him a book of Mormon and he was so excited, however the missionaries never came back. Then 2 weeks ago he was in SLC at the University of Utah hospital..cause he has some crazy medical conditions..poor guy..maybe I will tell you all about them later. Anyways the Doctors denied him I think...and so he was down but he went to go get lunch at a little sandwich shop, and 2 temple square missionaries happened to be there and started talking to him. They invited him over to temple square and he loved it. While in SLC he met with them a couple times and then they gave us him as a referral when he came back to Missoula, and this is where we came in. So he has been prepared and Heavenly Father had really been influencing his life. Anyways we had our appointment with him on Friday night and it was amazing we were teaching the plan of salvation but it turned into baptism and we committed him to be baptized on January 3rd and he accepted and is so excited for his baptism. Bishop Calkins and his wife were at the lesson. And we learned about his medical conditions and so Bishop offered to give him a blessing on Sunday.
      So now Sunday comes! 1st off we went to go see if a less active was coming and her friend was over so we invited him and the both came to church! Then we had sweet Edith, this old lady we are teaching, she came. Then about 2 minutes into church Ron showed up all spiffy and in a suit and everything! He is so awesome. I jumped up and sat with him. Towards the end of fast and testimony meeting he was really feeling it and he got up and bore his simple and sweet testimony! It was so powerful and he brought the spirit in so strong. Then after church he asked us when we could meet again, and if we would help prepare him for baptism on the 3rd  :) Wow yes he is that prepared! I am so excited to teach him. Ron is a Miracle!
       Oh ok so ps Thanksgiving was awesome we saw I think 7 families and we had dinner with Sami and his non member family, they were wonderful. I loved Thanksgiving. While studiying on Thanksgiving I found 2 Corinthians 9:15 which says "Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift" That just hit me and has stuck with me. It is a simple verse but how powerful it is! We can never fully express how much Heavenly Father has done for us, but we cherish it and love him. So thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gifts :) Well everyone I love you so much and I am so greateful for God. I am sorry about the spelling errors haha...my computer is running out of time and I have to go. I LOVE YOU. Thanks for everything. Have a great week :)
-Love Sister Draudt

November 24, 2014

Dear Family :)
     This week has been really good :) First off before I talk about this week I have a couple things to update you all on. So Hong, the guy I taught in Billings, yes he got baptized :) yea! Then Elder Gordy, who I knew in Billings and he served a mini mission here. Well he was just called to the St. George Utah mission! and he leaves December 4th :) I am so happy for him, he will change many many many peoples lives. It's pretty cool cause the elders from my mtc district are there..besides the ones that came here haha.
     Ok now to this week. In the beginning of the week we taught a lot of people which was awesome. Then we went on exchanges, I was with the Ronan Sisters and sister Martin went with the St. Ignatius sisters. It was so awesome cause I was able to work with the sisters and then also on our way back on the next day we were in St Ignatius and  I was able to say Hi to Sister Krantz, she remembered me :) I was only there for a week, but she remembered me. That was such a powerful experience to be in St Ignatius, even if only for 15 minutes, because that is where my mission really began for me. I know I started up in Bigfork, but as you all know I had a rough start with companionship issues...well so 3 weeks into my mission I was transferred to St Ignatius to be with Sister Romrell who was my sister training leader, and she helped change my mission from that point on. She taught me so much and inspired me. That is where my growth as a missionary started. Where hope came into my mission, and that was only 3 weeks in to my mission and now i only have about that amount of time left and I was able to go there and see Sister Krantz, and remember, and now I am on the other side of it..I am trying to help sisters and love them.  What a tender mercy from God, to be able to reflect on my mission and remember the miracles that have happened and the blessings that have come and the sons and daughters of God that I have met. 
      Anyways after coming home from exchanges we have just been finding and have had some appointments. Remember how for the longest time I always was so scared to tract..well It hit me this week..I am fine with it now.. and I am pretty sure that happened while in Bozeman, and now I do enjoy it. I have learned how to tract so much better. I used to just say "hi we are missionaries....would you be interested" and that did not work a lot, haha but now I am learning to do and apply what Preach my gospel has taught me, to teach right away. It is pretty cool to see how by teaching, anything that related back to the Restoration, so many more hearts are softened and they don't always say yes but they are so much more willing to talk. Testimony is powerful. The spirit comes in and softens hearts. This week has been so good. I love just working hard and being obedient it brings so many blessings and just makes me so happy to please my Father in Heaven.
            Yesterday we spoke in church and we were asked to speak on Christ-like attribute, and so I chose faith and obedience. I prepared a lot but was still pretty scattered, but had a rough outline..cause really we never have a lot of time to prepare because we need to be out proselyting. Anyways I prayed and prayed for the spirit to be with me as a I spoke and I knew I needed to slow down as I spoke also. And the spirit was there and it worked so well. I said things that I did not even think about before, and I was able to speak slower and to rely on the spirit and stay calm....I am so grateful for answers to prayers!
       Oh guess what!!! we have a new thing happened this transfer called mission leadership training which is like Mission leadership council, but with all missionaries so it was like a zone conference in a scene. Those mission meetings are just so inspiring! I love it. I was so pumped up with the spirit and learned so much! I also saw Sister Austin. I found out last Monday that I would see her, but she did not know that, and so I thought I would surprise her. She saw me and we just gave each other such a big hug and we were like connected the rest of the day,  haha. I just love Sister Austin so much! She has become one of my absolute best friends. I also will get to see her in 2 weeks for Christmas zone conference! yea!!!!
          Oh ok so for Thanksgiving we are going to have a wonderful day we have appointments the whole day! So I am positive I am going to be stuffed! I am so excited. We are spending dinner with Sami, who is a older man form Egypt, he converted like 10 years ago and went less active but has been coming back for a couple months and is awesome! He is so funny. He has some crazy questions haha. Then we have several other people we will be meeting with also. :)
 Well I love all of you.  Have a very wonderful and happy and grateful Thanksgiving! I am excited to tell you all about it! Have a great week :) I love you!
                 -Sister Draudt

November 17, 2014

Dear Family,
     I do not have a ton to say, I have mainly been trying to get to know the area and the people. I found out that there were 2 sets of sisters here and now there is just us and so we are having to learn the other sisters area also..so that has been a little crazy haha. There is this lady named Teresa who was baptized like a month ago and she is in a wheel chair with spinal bifida. She is amazing! She is just so happy to be in the gospel and every time we see her she is reading more scripture or telling us about the movies she has watched on the gospel library. She is awesome and has one amazing spirit. I am so happy that I was able to meet her :) 
     On Saturday we had a zone breakfast at a member of the stake presidency's house, and we set transfer goals and everything and it was such a powerful meeting. One of the speakers from the stake talked about working at the temple after the mission. I would love to do that, that would be awesome! Then another person from the stake had us all stand and recite D&C 4 and they all said it with us cause they all memorized it on their missions also. I did not realize that all missionaries memorized that. That was so powerful to quote it all together!
      2 new sister missionaries came into our zone for their training! They are so adorable I am super excited to get to know them better. One is from Houston Texas and is just a fireball and so fun, and the other is this cute little red head from Arizona. We will be doing exchanges with one of the companionship this week so that will be fun. I might get to go to St Ignatius which is awesome cause that is where I was with Sister Romrell in the beginning of my mission, and I was only there for a week, but that week changed my mission, and helped me begin to love and be happy to be on my mission, even tough I had only been out 3 weeks haha.
     Well it is snowy here. We took some pictures on the iPad, I will have to send them home. We had dinner with this lady last night that is Less active, she does not consider herself a member but her husband is a member. So funny cause the ward had her record but she has said she is not a member, and so our goal was to figure out if she was a member, and sure enough we found out that she was baptized like 15 years ago but she said her heart is not all in it so she does not consider herself a member and she goes to zoo church, which is one of the nondenominational churches. So Missoula's nickname is the zoo...therefore zoo church. This is an interesting town, that is for sure. But I love it. Well anyways dinner was awesome with her, and not what I excited haha, but super good and hopefully we can figure out a way to teach her...
       Oh my companion, I should probably mention her haha, she is awesome! I just love her.  Her same is Sister Martin and she is from Cedar City, super fun cause she is my 3rd companion from southern Utah. She graduated the same year I did and goes to BYU.  I am so excited for our companionship, we have already had a couple times where we have just both been in complete unity.  Like, "We need to knock on that door." Even though we have been driving, and just preparing for lesson and wanting to teach the exact specific thing, even though we had no idea what each other were thinking. That has been awesome. Well our winter clothes are officially out and I am wearing them! Wow it is crazy how much a winter coat helps...I do not know what I would do with out my coatIII hahaha 
       Well I love all of you and I hope and pray you all have a wonderful week!
               Love,  Sister Draudt

November 10, 2014

Dear Family,
      Oh my goodness this week has been amazing! I just love Bozeman. This week has been awesome. So on Friday night we called Duane to see how he was doing, we called him on Thursday after his chemo also. He asked us on Friday if we were going to visit on Saturday, so of course we went over and saw him on Saturday! Sister Harwood's sister went to see him while in the VA and gave him a book on the Atonement :) awwww and then when we were visiting with Duane on Saturday after he came home he gave us some chocolate toffee cookies he bought for us :) awww Duane :) We just love him. We also saw Dietrick this week and he is doing awesome! He read from the Book of Mormon and when we asked if there was anything we could do to help him he asked us to pray for his family's heart to be softened and to listen to the message! awwww how amazing is that! He is awesome.
      Yesterday at church we had the Primary Program, just like you did mom :) and oh my goodness it was just so tender and the spirit was so strong. Remember how I told you all about Jake and Kelci who came to church last week, well they came again :) and they loved the primary program. Then Chrisan came with her daughter, she was reactivated officially last week :) then Duane was at church, and so many members were so excited to tell us about the missionary work they are doing :) It was by far the best Sunday we have had in Bozeman :) 
    I got a call earlier in the day from Elder Bishop one of the Assistants and he interviewed me for transfers and told me about a new thing they are going to be doing called Facebook specialist and later that day I would get my transfer news, so we hung up and I just thought, oh ok..facbeook I bet I will be working with Facebook more. We then went about our day and did missionary work and had dinner with some of the best members ever! Then we were driving to our appointment at 6 with Jake and Kelci, which was pretty far away, well on our way we noticed we had a voicemail. And honestly I was not worried about transfers at all, I knew I was staying, until we had that wonderful Sacrament meeting, it was so good that I got nervous about being transferred. Well we listen to the voicemail, and it was from President Mecham, and he does not make transfer calls unless there is a special reason. Well he said that I am going to be made a Sister Training Leader in Missoula. Well I just cried haha, I only have 5 weeks left and I really thought I would be staying in Bozeman, and things are finally working out and then of course I get transferred. But I understand it is all what the Lord wants and it will be great. But now I have to pack this transfer and Next..so get ready for packages to be coming home..I have a lot to send hahahaha. 
      It is pretty cool that I am going to Missoula, because I remember my first little while in the mission I just had this feeling that I would serve in Wyoming, Missoula, and Bozeman. And I have always felt that since, however after coming to Bozeman I figured this would be my last area and I so I did not think much of it. But now I am going to Missoula, crazy right? I will hit all the areas I felt I would. I only have 5 weeks there, so I am going to have to work super hard and make sure I find those I need to find.
     Oh something else that is awesome is we started teaching our neighbor David, I think we might have mentioned him. The first time we taught him he would not take a Book of Mormon because he wanted to pray to know if he should read it. Guess what about 4 days later I got a message from him on Facebook asking for a copy, so we gave him it and he has scrolled though it a little. We met him again and talked about how we know the church is true, and then yesterday our ward mission leader talked with him, since we could not get another girl or guy to go with us, we could not go, so our ward mission leader taught him the plan of salvation! What a miracle, he is awesome!
     Another Miracle that happened yesterday is after dinner we taught Jake and Kelci the plan of Salvation and it went so well, when we were taking about how God loves us and will make sure all of us have a chance to accept the gospel, he was just feeling the spirit and when we were talking about the spirit world. Then at one point he was in deep thought and he looked at us and said "Remember when you were talking about the Holy Ghost last time, and I said I had never felt it…well I was thinking about it, and I think I have felt it. While I was in jail about to get out, I remember just writing something down, like a essay, and I went back and read it, and I think I was feeling the spirit" He was so excited to tell us he ran out to the car to get the paper, but he could not find it. But then Kelci pulled it out of her wallet and said "I like to read it" :) I can't even explain the spirit right then. We had to leave shortly after, so we are going back today to have him read the paper to us. He is just growing so much in the gospel, he is one amazing guy, he is a little rough, but wow, he has such a sweet spirit, I can see it in his eyes. I am so excited for Jake and Kelci they are wonderful!
          I love this gospel and I know that it is true. :)
         Have a wonderful week and be happy
PS, I am so excited for Nicole to enter the MTC on wednesday, she is going to be one of the best missionaries ever. I am so excited for the adventure God has instore for her!
         -Love Andrea :)

November 3, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
     Oh my goodness I am so excited to tell you all about the miracles that have happened this week! I know my emails have been kinda lame lately but hopefully this one will make up for it haha.
     Ok I have to start with the beginning of the week, so last Monday, (this is just a fun story) So we went and had family home evening with the Schauers, who are in our ward and are one amazing family. We feel like we need to know the members better, so we went over to the Schauers and wow it was so powerful, just having the family gathered and talking about the gospel and singing. Seriously the spirit was so strong! After FHE we were talking and guess what brother Shauers sister is Mrs. Weight, who taught me in foods, and interior design and was over FCCLA when I was in high school. So he text-ed her and later in the week, Sister Schauers said that she has Josh in one of her classes now hahaha! I love it! That was just a fun little tender mercy!
      Then on Wednesday we were meeting with Chrisan, and bishop was with us and she is now working towards going to the temple with her daughter to do baptisms and this week she was officially reactivated!! She is one amazing lady, she converted about 3 years ago , but her husband was not supportive, so she fell away, but she has come back, and loves the gospel, she is crazy amazing at family history! So she is awesome and we just love her and are so happy for her!
     Ok now to Halloween! So we were not allowed to be out past 6pm  becuase it could be dangerous, so we decided to try and get all the work we could in befoer 6, well we were not having much luck, at all, and about 4:30 we were trying less actives, in this trailer park, and no one was, home so we started tracting, no luck..so we were walking back to our car, and this guy pulls up to us and says "hey, who are you?" we explain we are missionaries and we started talking, but a car pulled up behind him so we asked if we could just come over to his house. So we went over and his sister was there so it was totally ok, and he started telling us about how he found God, and right now he is studying with the Jehovah Witnesses, but he had a lot of common things with us and so we asked if we could teach him, and he said of course. He told us that years ago he had gone to a mormon church a little! So we taught him the restoration, and after the first vision, he just sat there and then smiled and said " That gave me the goose bumps" we invited him to baptism for December 6th and he accepted! We read the last two paragraphs of the introduction of the book of Mormon, and then he looked up Moroni 10:3-5 himself! Which is the promise of the book of Mormon. he was reading it to himself, and we had no idea, and then he  looks at us and said "hey, listen to this" and he was super excited and he read it to us!!! how wonderful is that! So so so amazing! we are going back to see him tonight. After meeting him, it was time to head over to the church for the trunk or treat, cause we got permission to be there. We ended up having interviews with President Hopkin, who is in the mission presidency, they were pretty short, but by the time we got out  the trunk of treat was half way over. But guess what! Everyone we invited and was hoping would come, totally came! We did not get to see them, but luckily other people we know did and fellow shipped them! After the trunk or treat missionaries were still being interviewed, cause the whole zone was being interviewed, so for Halloween night we just played volley ball and basketball in the gym, and it was so fun! it was for sure not what a normal Halloween is but it was so fun just to be around all the other missionaries and having fun.
    Then on Saturday we had another miracle, so one of our neighbors David, has slowly been asking questions. He is baptist and on Saturday he was talking to us and said we should meet sometime (he came to the trunk or treat) and so we set up an appointment for that night and we met him and had brother Schauers come and he one amazing lesson. He would not commit to reading or even taking a book of Mormon but he said he would pray about it. He did not say yes to baptism either, but still it was awesome. He will take to the book of Mormon soon!
     Ok now to yesterday, Sunday! What a wonderful day! Our fast and testimony meeting was wonderful and then we taught gospel principals, totally spur of the moment cause brother Mathson, our ward mission leader had something come up.  then right after gospel principals bishop came up and said "you want to teach a lesson?" at first I thought he meant like a class, and then I realized, no there was a less active and her nonmember boyfriend that came to church for the first time and he wanted us to teach them the first lesson. So we did and committed them to read and pray and for him to be baptized and he accepted! He is awesome. They are a little rough around the edges, but I could see in his eyes that he has a desire. They have gone through a lot lately and I was talking to him and he said that after they walked into the church he just felt so much better!! I am so excited for him and his girlfriend! Yesterday in church I also sat by Pete Dotson's aunt.  What a small world! They were visiting and his uncle is cousins I think...with the Mays in our ward, who are pretty much some of my favorite people here! haha.
     Ok and now to today! Quienten, one of our investigators, we thought was ignoring us, well he called us this morning and said that he just has been trying to find a job and told us he quit smoking yay! ...however he started chewing...so we told him that will have to go also hahaha, but hey at least smoking is gone right? hahaha he wants to meet with us tonight also! wahooooo Also earlier this week, Sister Tinjum we are staring to work with her and her family, they are less active but really are amazing and trying to come back, she invited us over for Thanksgiving!!!! awwwwww how amazing is she, I am so excited!
    OK also today in my personal study I finished all the highlights in the book of Mormon that I have been working on! All of the references to Christ are highlighted, and his doctrine, and his words, and the attributes of Christ. It is super amazing, and strengthens my testimony to just scroll through that copy I have highlighted and to see how much is truly is about Christ and testifies of him. There is not a single page without highlights. The book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, and Joseph Smith is a prophet of God because there is no way he could have made it up, or translated it. No way. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Gods church once again on the earth. We have so many people that say, "your church is so new" and it is so amazing to explain, it is not, it is the same church Jesus Christ established while he was on the earth. And usually people don't really care or just keep going on with their lives, but one day that will hit them, and mean so much. :) What a blessing the gospel is and has been and will be in my life! God's work is going forward here in Bozeman Montana :) I love you all :)  Have a wonderful week.
                  -Sister Andrea Draudt