Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dear Family,
     This week has been one amazing week. I have felt my Heavenly Father so much and seen him work in my life. This week we started off on exchanges and I was in my area with Sister Gardner, this is her second transfer and oh my goodness she is such a sweetheart. She is from Enterprise Utah, and we just had so much in common. It was so funny because we went to bed the first night we were on exchanges and I said goodnight and started to go to sleep after my prayers and then she just came alive and started talking to me for like an hour just about different things we both have in common and it was so fun, however I got so tired haha. On Tuesday we were also together and that is when I called sister Baker about going to the Doctor cause I got pretty sick again and couldn't really breath without coughing and so we called sister Baker...how ever I could not remember dad's exact birthday that is why she has to call....sorry dad. I really love you so much...I just was sick :P so I couldn't remember haha. Well because I couldn't remember a miracle happened also...just so you know, so God planned it that way haha. Since I did not remember I had to wait till Wednesday when I heard the Birth date. So before going to the Doctors I got a blessing from my district leader, saying I would heal fast. It was a wonderful blessing. Then we did some other things and then went to the doctor..well first off they took my temperature and I had a fever of 101 that I had no idea I had..I just thought I was hot haha. BLESSING from Heavenly Father for sure! Then they decided that I have bronchitis. And prescribed me an antibiotic and an inhaler.  Well we left the Doctors and I was so happy to finally get things figured out, cause I am so sick of being sick haha. We decided we would wait till the end of the night to go get my perscription, so we went with the Furrers (ward missionaries) to try a less active, he wasn't home, but they found out that I needed to go to the pharmacy and they told us it closed at 8 so I need to go over right then, because it would also be closed on Thanksgiving, the next day. So we booked it over to Rosars. I am telling you all these details, because they all had to work out like they did so that we would be at Rosars at the right time. Heavenly Father is in every second of out lives and I know this even more so becuase of what happened next. We got in to Rosars and started looking for the pharmacy, and I saw this man from the back and I just felt like I needed to look at his face. So I walked in front of him and it just clicked, I knew him, He fit the description of this referral the temple square sisters gave us the week before. However we had not been able to get a hold of him. So I asked him right there "what is your name" and ok I realize now that is a really creepy question to ask, especially since I like leaned into him and was like a foot away. Cause he seemed a little weirded out, but he answered and said "...Ron?" and of course being who I am I jumped in the air with my hands out and said "we have been looking for you!" I introduced who I was and he was so happy to see us also. We had to be there at that time, which means I had to wait to go and see the Doctor till the next day, so I had to forget dads birthday, and we had to have that less active not be home so the Furrers could tell us to go to the pharmacy. Because we needed to find Ron. 
       Now let me tell you about Ron. We set up an appointment and he was excited for it. By the way the description of him was that he had long hair, an earring and a bandanna. (by the way that sounds funny, but he actually looks pretty put together. He's probably in his 60's I would say. Here is his story. So about a year ago missionaries knocked on his door and gave him a book of Mormon and he was so excited, however the missionaries never came back. Then 2 weeks ago he was in SLC at the University of Utah hospital..cause he has some crazy medical conditions..poor guy..maybe I will tell you all about them later. Anyways the Doctors denied him I think...and so he was down but he went to go get lunch at a little sandwich shop, and 2 temple square missionaries happened to be there and started talking to him. They invited him over to temple square and he loved it. While in SLC he met with them a couple times and then they gave us him as a referral when he came back to Missoula, and this is where we came in. So he has been prepared and Heavenly Father had really been influencing his life. Anyways we had our appointment with him on Friday night and it was amazing we were teaching the plan of salvation but it turned into baptism and we committed him to be baptized on January 3rd and he accepted and is so excited for his baptism. Bishop Calkins and his wife were at the lesson. And we learned about his medical conditions and so Bishop offered to give him a blessing on Sunday.
      So now Sunday comes! 1st off we went to go see if a less active was coming and her friend was over so we invited him and the both came to church! Then we had sweet Edith, this old lady we are teaching, she came. Then about 2 minutes into church Ron showed up all spiffy and in a suit and everything! He is so awesome. I jumped up and sat with him. Towards the end of fast and testimony meeting he was really feeling it and he got up and bore his simple and sweet testimony! It was so powerful and he brought the spirit in so strong. Then after church he asked us when we could meet again, and if we would help prepare him for baptism on the 3rd  :) Wow yes he is that prepared! I am so excited to teach him. Ron is a Miracle!
       Oh ok so ps Thanksgiving was awesome we saw I think 7 families and we had dinner with Sami and his non member family, they were wonderful. I loved Thanksgiving. While studiying on Thanksgiving I found 2 Corinthians 9:15 which says "Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift" That just hit me and has stuck with me. It is a simple verse but how powerful it is! We can never fully express how much Heavenly Father has done for us, but we cherish it and love him. So thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gifts :) Well everyone I love you so much and I am so greateful for God. I am sorry about the spelling errors haha...my computer is running out of time and I have to go. I LOVE YOU. Thanks for everything. Have a great week :)
-Love Sister Draudt

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