Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I love being a missionary, there is not ANYTHING better

Dear Family,
    1st off...I have some pretty sad news. I was on the computer last Tuesday writing up a thing for president and I saw an email from sister Harwood. That email said that Duane passed away last Sunday. I do not know the whole story, but just that he did not come to church and they were worried, and so Brother Mathson our ward mission leader checked on him and he had passed always. I loved Duane so much. He is one of my favorite people. I ask you to all remember his family in your prayers. I know Duane has more to learn in the spirit world and I feel like it is right. I had a hard time at first. But really to think about everything, it is a miracle that I met him. I was transferred to Bozeman right when he started letting missionaries come, and we were able to teach him and help him return to the gospel. He became like a grandpa to me. If I did not go to Bozeman when I did..I would have never known him. Heavenly Father's hand is in every minute of our lives. We always would ask Duane to pray, and for a long time he would not, but then towards the end, he started praying with us, but not on his own. Then I got an email from Sister Harwood saying he prayed in church. :) That is awesome! I have been thinking a lot about him, and he always said he would pray, and thinks about it , but he just wanted it to be a good and sincere prayer. I wonder if he got that prayer in. I feel like he probably did :) I feel like Duane finally was able to talk to our Heavenly Father openly and sincerely, and that he felt loved. I really feel like he was able to do that before he passed. I am so grateful that I knew Duane. It is hard to know I won't be able to see him in this life again, but at least I can talk to him, I am excited to one day get to the spirit world and see Duane. I know he is learning and growing so much. It will be great to see even more change in him. :)
               Well besides that my week has been great :) We had Christmas Zone Conference, and that was awesome. I was able to see Sister Barkdull for a minute, and Then I spent lunch with Sister Austin. Oh my goodness she is just awesome! I love her. We just had so much fun catching up and then the Bakers were also there so we all got  a picture together. All of us once again together :) I cried a lot during Zone conference...it was hard because it was so amazing. I NEVER want it to end. I got your letter mom :) thanks. At the end I shook president hand and all he said was "I will be interviewing you on Saturday, though I really don't want to" Yep then I lost it and started bawling. haha Then I looked over at sister Mecham and she burst into tears and just gave me the biggest hug and said "You have come so far" that one sentence....18 months of learning ,more like a life time. I love the Mechams so much. They have blessed and helped change my life forever. After shaking their hands I went over to Elder Bishop, one of the assistants and he just starts telling me about the dessert table and how I need some dessert because it will make me happy. So I walk past it on my way out but I did not grab anything cause I didn't want it, and he saw  that and just started yelling, "IT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY!" bahahahaha. So that helped for like 2 seconds, until I saw Sister Austin. WE just gave each other huge hugs and stood there. Oh I love her. We went through a lot being doubled into Riverton together and so we are so close. 
               The car ride home was good. When we got home we only had like 2 hours left of proselyting time so we went to work of course! Which was great!
               Ron is doing so well. We taught him the plan of salvation and loved it. He was not able to come to the Christmas part of stake conference cause he was in so much pain, poor guy. We brought him cake from the party and he loved it...he better have because I spilled apple pie all over my skirt...twice! to get him that,  bahahahaha. Yesterday though toward the end of the day he was feeling a little better, not  the best, but he is awesome and so he came to the Christmas devotional, he loved it! He is doing so well. I just love Ron! I will get a picture with him this week. 
               I had my departing interview on Saturday, because there are so many missionaries going home, he had to spread them out last week instead of just when we get to the mission home. I asked for a blessing while in my departing interview and I am so grateful I got that. It was a very powerful blessing. That is all I am going to say cause I don't want to focus on  that bahaha. However I will say I am so grateful President Mecham was and is my mission president. He has helped me so much throughout my mission, and taught me so much! When we had Mission tour earlier this year. Elder Godoy who came, told us that we should pray to have the right mission president for our children and our selves, not the right area, because the mission president is just that vital. And I know it is. I could not have had a different mission president. President Mecham needed to be mine.
            I am so grateful for my mission. I will always be remembering it, and eventually I will be serving another with my husband :) That will be wonderful. I am so happy I served here in Montana, I know it will help me be a better missionary when I am home. The Montana Billings Mission is the best mission in the World. I love it with all my heart. I love the people with my whole soul. Like I have been saying, Heavenly Father is in every second of our lives and has a plan for each of us, and that is one of the most important things I have learned!
    Oh guess what!!!! Remember in Bozeman when I was teaching Zack, but he actually lived in Billings :) Well he got baptized on Saturday! I am so happy for him! He wrote me on Facebook and told me how excited he was to be baptized and told me he will send pictures :) I am so happy for him and his wife, and then in  year they will be sealed for time and eternity :)
              Well I love all of you so much! You all have blessed me so much and I just love you :) Have a great week :)...see ya soon...
                Love SISTER Draudt

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