Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 10, 2014

Dear Family,
      Oh my goodness this week has been amazing! I just love Bozeman. This week has been awesome. So on Friday night we called Duane to see how he was doing, we called him on Thursday after his chemo also. He asked us on Friday if we were going to visit on Saturday, so of course we went over and saw him on Saturday! Sister Harwood's sister went to see him while in the VA and gave him a book on the Atonement :) awwww and then when we were visiting with Duane on Saturday after he came home he gave us some chocolate toffee cookies he bought for us :) awww Duane :) We just love him. We also saw Dietrick this week and he is doing awesome! He read from the Book of Mormon and when we asked if there was anything we could do to help him he asked us to pray for his family's heart to be softened and to listen to the message! awwww how amazing is that! He is awesome.
      Yesterday at church we had the Primary Program, just like you did mom :) and oh my goodness it was just so tender and the spirit was so strong. Remember how I told you all about Jake and Kelci who came to church last week, well they came again :) and they loved the primary program. Then Chrisan came with her daughter, she was reactivated officially last week :) then Duane was at church, and so many members were so excited to tell us about the missionary work they are doing :) It was by far the best Sunday we have had in Bozeman :) 
    I got a call earlier in the day from Elder Bishop one of the Assistants and he interviewed me for transfers and told me about a new thing they are going to be doing called Facebook specialist and later that day I would get my transfer news, so we hung up and I just thought, oh ok..facbeook I bet I will be working with Facebook more. We then went about our day and did missionary work and had dinner with some of the best members ever! Then we were driving to our appointment at 6 with Jake and Kelci, which was pretty far away, well on our way we noticed we had a voicemail. And honestly I was not worried about transfers at all, I knew I was staying, until we had that wonderful Sacrament meeting, it was so good that I got nervous about being transferred. Well we listen to the voicemail, and it was from President Mecham, and he does not make transfer calls unless there is a special reason. Well he said that I am going to be made a Sister Training Leader in Missoula. Well I just cried haha, I only have 5 weeks left and I really thought I would be staying in Bozeman, and things are finally working out and then of course I get transferred. But I understand it is all what the Lord wants and it will be great. But now I have to pack this transfer and Next..so get ready for packages to be coming home..I have a lot to send hahahaha. 
      It is pretty cool that I am going to Missoula, because I remember my first little while in the mission I just had this feeling that I would serve in Wyoming, Missoula, and Bozeman. And I have always felt that since, however after coming to Bozeman I figured this would be my last area and I so I did not think much of it. But now I am going to Missoula, crazy right? I will hit all the areas I felt I would. I only have 5 weeks there, so I am going to have to work super hard and make sure I find those I need to find.
     Oh something else that is awesome is we started teaching our neighbor David, I think we might have mentioned him. The first time we taught him he would not take a Book of Mormon because he wanted to pray to know if he should read it. Guess what about 4 days later I got a message from him on Facebook asking for a copy, so we gave him it and he has scrolled though it a little. We met him again and talked about how we know the church is true, and then yesterday our ward mission leader talked with him, since we could not get another girl or guy to go with us, we could not go, so our ward mission leader taught him the plan of salvation! What a miracle, he is awesome!
     Another Miracle that happened yesterday is after dinner we taught Jake and Kelci the plan of Salvation and it went so well, when we were taking about how God loves us and will make sure all of us have a chance to accept the gospel, he was just feeling the spirit and when we were talking about the spirit world. Then at one point he was in deep thought and he looked at us and said "Remember when you were talking about the Holy Ghost last time, and I said I had never felt it…well I was thinking about it, and I think I have felt it. While I was in jail about to get out, I remember just writing something down, like a essay, and I went back and read it, and I think I was feeling the spirit" He was so excited to tell us he ran out to the car to get the paper, but he could not find it. But then Kelci pulled it out of her wallet and said "I like to read it" :) I can't even explain the spirit right then. We had to leave shortly after, so we are going back today to have him read the paper to us. He is just growing so much in the gospel, he is one amazing guy, he is a little rough, but wow, he has such a sweet spirit, I can see it in his eyes. I am so excited for Jake and Kelci they are wonderful!
          I love this gospel and I know that it is true. :)
         Have a wonderful week and be happy
PS, I am so excited for Nicole to enter the MTC on wednesday, she is going to be one of the best missionaries ever. I am so excited for the adventure God has instore for her!
         -Love Andrea :)

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