Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 17, 2014

Dear Family,
     I do not have a ton to say, I have mainly been trying to get to know the area and the people. I found out that there were 2 sets of sisters here and now there is just us and so we are having to learn the other sisters area also..so that has been a little crazy haha. There is this lady named Teresa who was baptized like a month ago and she is in a wheel chair with spinal bifida. She is amazing! She is just so happy to be in the gospel and every time we see her she is reading more scripture or telling us about the movies she has watched on the gospel library. She is awesome and has one amazing spirit. I am so happy that I was able to meet her :) 
     On Saturday we had a zone breakfast at a member of the stake presidency's house, and we set transfer goals and everything and it was such a powerful meeting. One of the speakers from the stake talked about working at the temple after the mission. I would love to do that, that would be awesome! Then another person from the stake had us all stand and recite D&C 4 and they all said it with us cause they all memorized it on their missions also. I did not realize that all missionaries memorized that. That was so powerful to quote it all together!
      2 new sister missionaries came into our zone for their training! They are so adorable I am super excited to get to know them better. One is from Houston Texas and is just a fireball and so fun, and the other is this cute little red head from Arizona. We will be doing exchanges with one of the companionship this week so that will be fun. I might get to go to St Ignatius which is awesome cause that is where I was with Sister Romrell in the beginning of my mission, and I was only there for a week, but that week changed my mission, and helped me begin to love and be happy to be on my mission, even tough I had only been out 3 weeks haha.
     Well it is snowy here. We took some pictures on the iPad, I will have to send them home. We had dinner with this lady last night that is Less active, she does not consider herself a member but her husband is a member. So funny cause the ward had her record but she has said she is not a member, and so our goal was to figure out if she was a member, and sure enough we found out that she was baptized like 15 years ago but she said her heart is not all in it so she does not consider herself a member and she goes to zoo church, which is one of the nondenominational churches. So Missoula's nickname is the zoo...therefore zoo church. This is an interesting town, that is for sure. But I love it. Well anyways dinner was awesome with her, and not what I excited haha, but super good and hopefully we can figure out a way to teach her...
       Oh my companion, I should probably mention her haha, she is awesome! I just love her.  Her same is Sister Martin and she is from Cedar City, super fun cause she is my 3rd companion from southern Utah. She graduated the same year I did and goes to BYU.  I am so excited for our companionship, we have already had a couple times where we have just both been in complete unity.  Like, "We need to knock on that door." Even though we have been driving, and just preparing for lesson and wanting to teach the exact specific thing, even though we had no idea what each other were thinking. That has been awesome. Well our winter clothes are officially out and I am wearing them! Wow it is crazy how much a winter coat helps...I do not know what I would do with out my coatIII hahaha 
       Well I love all of you and I hope and pray you all have a wonderful week!
               Love,  Sister Draudt

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