Tuesday, October 28, 2014

September 29, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
     This week has been a great week! But first off I am staying in Bozeman with Sister Harwood, thank heavens. We got transfer news last night and we are both staying, which is a blessing, because we are finally starting to make progress it seems like haha.
    So this week we were so lucky that we were able to watch the movie that is coming out "Meet the Mormons" I was so excited to watch it cause well, I have not seen a "new movie" in 15 months haha and also it looked amazing. As of right now it is not coming to Montana or Wyoming  and so we were able to watch it so that we can help get people excited about it and request it to come to Montana and Wyoming. It was so powerful, I laughed and I cried, like I cried....it was a good movie. The story about the Candy Bomber was the cutest thing ever, and about the missionary mom and her conversion story and watching her have her son leave on his mission, it was so powerful. I have to say to all of you that if you have access to it when it comes out, go and see it, it is so inspirational and just good. I promise it is not boring, it is so interesting I loved it.
    This week we were tracting and we were able to find 2 new potential investigators! So that was super exciting! Both said they would want to learn more and that we could come back, we have an appointment with one of them on Wednesday :) Heavenly Father blesses us for our efforts that is for sure.
     Oh then before the womens broadcast on Saturday we went with a member of our ward to help this guy that she knows. He is renting from her parents, and he is at rock bottom and so she wants to help him and thought it would be a great idea for us to go over. That was a fun experience haha. It started off ok, we were talking about the plan of salvation cause he had some questions. Well I got a Book of Mormon and went to read a verse to him so I stood over by his chair so he could hear me, well after sharing the scriptures, Sister Whitmeyer got a call so she had to take it and so we were quiet as she was on the phone, then he looks at me and says "Get away from me" so I just laughed and went away. He was totally drunk and in love with the member who was with us. Anyways we start cleaning cause we went over there to help her clean his dishes, we all had our shoes off so we did not bring anything in from out side and he tell me, "why do you have you shoes off" I explained to him and then he says "get your shoes on" I got him to just joke around with me about my bright socks and his bright shoes and it fixed his frustration, but this drunk man did not like me. I could not help but laugh, he was singing and dancing to country music..oh goodness it was a experience.
      Ok now to the spiritual part. Oh my goodness Women's conference was so powerful! In the beginning when they had the cute little girls from Seoul Korea sing "I love to see the temple" oh it was just so tender and cute. Then Sister Marriotts talk about how we need to be a temple also was so amazing! I remember she spoke to us in the MTC and I just love her. I feel like her talk was very inspiring and will help a lot of girls make the decision to come out on missions :) I loved Elder Uchdorfs talk, I especially loved when he was talking about how sometimes we don't understand the things we are asked to do and he said, " I think that God simply knows something we do not" How powerful was that! So amazing, we need to live the gospel and follow what we have been asked to do because even though we don't understand why, God does, and he has reasons therefore it is important that we follow him.
     This week I was able to receive a blessing from Elder Johnson, one of my zone leaders. I have been having bad headaches for the last couple months, but since being in Bozeman they have become a lot more regular and so I got a blessing. Then the next day I got a bad cold. It is so amazing to see how God works, because I have had so much gross stuff just stuck up in my head, like I have been sorta sick but not really sick for a long time and finally I got the cold I needed to help get everything to start coming out of my sinuses and even though it had to get worse before if got better, it is what needed to happen for me to finally get rid of my head aches. I still have a cold but it is getting better. I know that the priesthood is real and has been restored to the earth and that it blesses us so immensely. I am so thankful that I always have the priesthood near by and in my life so that when I need help, it is right there to call on. I love all of you and I hope you have a wonderful week. :) And especially have a wonderful weekend with general conference! I am so stinking excited for it! I love general conference! 
                   Love Andrea :)

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