Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 13, 2014

Dear Family,
      Oh my goodness this week has been interesting, I honestly can't remember a ton, because well I have been sick all week, still going around and out and about but I have kinda been out of it haha. I just got my flu shot, so that is good. 
      Ok, well we skyped with Austin this week and he is like a hermit! He is like 40 years old and while skyping he could not look at the camera and was very uncomfortable the whole time. How ever he still loved talking to us and so we set up another time to just call him cause we knew skyping freaked him out.  Well we called Austin later this week and he tried to drop us, we told him we will still call, but he tried to drop us, and it is so confusing cause he was just on fire! I really think he has some major social anxieties and is too scared to meet us and so he is giving everything up. Or maybe he has something else and we just are not suppose to work with him. One day I will meet him, whether it is here or in the next life. I can honestly say I have done everything I could to share the gospel with him, and one day I hope he will be able to be baptized. 
     We went to Helena this week for online proselyting training which was super awesome I really enjoyed it. After coming back from Helena we met up with Quinten who we met like 2 weeks ago, he is like 18 and so we took him to FHE in the YSA ward here and he loved it, so then we were able to teach him after we got back from Helena. That is a funny story, cause we were suppose to meet him at the Bozeman pond, and we had Margaritta with us, a member of the ysa ward. Well we were waiting and he was not there, we found out he was at Hastings because his ride never showed up but he still wanted to meet with us, so we were about to head over to Hastings when this Asian guy came up to us and started talking to us. We could not understand anything he was trying to say "Mormon" but it sounded like "woman" so we were so confused. Finally we figured out he was saying "Mormon" and then he tried to talk to us and he was super nice but all we could get out during 1 minute of conversation was "Mormon, Korean, Buddhist and Jesus" that was all.  Poor guy, we got his number and told him we will call him, but we are trying to find someone who speaks korean. this guys name is like Kwyson. and he keeps calling us but we try to talk and we never understand anything. So hopfully we will find someone who speaks Korean. Anyways we head over to Hastings and he is there with a girl named Brittany who we met before and then his girlfriend..luckily he mentioned that, cause I thought she was hie 12 year old little sister..so that could have been really awkward. Well she did not want to talk to us really, so we sat down at a table and taught him the restoration, it was by far one of the worst lessons we have taught haha, there were people distracting him and someone even came up in the middle of the lesson right before we invited him to be baptized and wanted to talk to us, his name was Kris and he had a son with downs syndrome who was the sweetest person ever, anyways we got his info and he left. Finally the lesson got a little better, and the spirit must have been there cause he accepted the invitation to be baptized and to read the Book of Mormon, he agreed to be baptized on November 7th. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited him to read the introduction.
      The next day we were texting him and he had read and prayed, and said it felt good, and he looked so happy the next day. Then on top of that he read the witnesses, and the next day he told us he read the testimony of Joseph Smith! What a wonderful young man! He is working diligently to be baptized :) Of course we have to hand him over to the elders to teach since he will be in their ward, but that's totally ok.   As long as he keeps learning and is baptized :)
      So that Kris guy that seemed interested during Quinten's lesson.  Well he called us and wanted to set up a time to have a bible study, then he told us about all these bibles he has, and the way he started talking just sounded like he was wanting to "study" with us to just bash, so hopefully we won't have to meet with him.
         Oh so on Friday we were trying to contact some people, and nothing was happening it was awful, so at about 4pm we tried this one potential and he was asleep, but feeling like we had not done much I told Sister Harwood, let's knock on this door across the street, so we do and they let us in! They are from the Blackfeet reservation up by Rowning and it was so perfect cause I was able to talk to them about some of their native ways and so they connected with us, but more than that we found out he practices native ways and she is more catholic, but their priest just retired and they are trying to find another church, we introduced them to the Book of Mormon and how it is about their people and it seemed to interest them, and they said we could come back! I am so excited for them! They are awesome!  I just love them and their kids already, their names are Jim and Tracy. Isn't it so wonderful that Heavenly Father knows exactly where we need to be when we need to be there.  This family is a perfect example of that.  We tried one investigator who needed  to sleep at that time so that freed us up to knock on his neighbor's 
door :)
      After meeting Jim and Tracy, we headed out to Big Sky because we wanted to do some finding there because we had 2 referrals, the first one was not interested and the other we could not find, so we went to the volley ball game at the high school, cause we figured a lot of people would be there, and well, yep the whole school was there, and they were very wierded out by us, some lady asked us which perish we belonged to haha. So then we went to the gas stations, where people would be and tried to talk to people there, and we were able to meet some people which was awesome! We also went to the Big Sky branch on Sunday.  There were 8 people, 4 of which came in from Bozeman, because it is their calling to go to that branch, we have a lot of work to do haha. But it was super fun. Then we came home to Bozeman and went to church here. Roy and Lisa were there. Please pray for them. He wants to come back and is trying, however she is very offish and doesn't want to really meet with us, at least that is how she was acting, so please pray for her.  After she found that anti crap she has been so different. Pray that she will do what we asked and read the Book of Mormon. 
We met a wonderful lady Chris Ann and her daughter who have moved into our ward, they actually were baptized a couple years ago and went a less active for the last couple months but they just moved from Big Sky (I think that was the reason they were less active it was just so small and no youth program) but anyways they moved into our ward and are so excited to be back to a bigger ward and back in the gospel. They are so sweet. 
       OH one last thing, Cortnie in the Rimrock ward got her mission call! She emailed me and I am so excited for her! She is going to the Houston Texas mission! What a wonderful missionary she will be! I am so excited for her! I love you all and have a great week! Happy birthday to Gavin :)
                 -Love Andrea

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