Monday, August 4, 2014

July 28, 2014

Dear Family!
        This has been a fun week, different but fun. We have been contacting referrals like non other, but nothing has really come out of it, well not true, some has come and it has been awesome! We have investigators right now who are learning mainly for a educational pursuits, which happens a lot in University and YSA wards. So we are trying to find some new investigators. So while contacting referrals one night in this apartment complex I felt like we should knock on this one door. I have had that feeling so many times and I have knocked on so many doors, and nothing ever happens. So I ignored it, but about 20 feet later I still had this feeling, I wanted to ignore the feeling thinking...really nothing will happen, cause nothing ever has. But finally I told Sister De Bry and we turned around and knocked on the door. I felt like family history was the right way to go as a tracking approach, I thought it was just cause that is what we talked about at zone conference earlier that day. So we knocked on the door and this guy answers the door. We introduced  our selves and started talking about family history. He invited us in, he had 2 adorable little boys who he was trying to get to bed haha. We just started talking and found out he was super interested in family history, his brother has done a lot already. We totally thought he was a member, but as we were talking he told us about all his LDS friends. His best friend was LDS but he died when they were teenagers. He was a history major, like Sister De Bry.  He has been to Logan and loved it. He told us we could come back, and we totally are. It was so cool to have some one answer who really was interested! I have yet to have that and I loved it! I will keep following those promptings even if they say no, cause my whole mission they have, until this man we met, all those "No's" were worth it :)
       So Zone Conference was awesome! It was all about family history and how we can apply it in our teaching, which was super cool! I realize I need to learn how to use Family search more haha.
       Oh So last Monday I wrote a short email about how we found Dallas. This week we have visited him a little bit. He was in the hospital for a little while so we could see him there. But then he left and he does not have a phone, or address really so we had no way of finding him. So yesterday at church we were walking towards the chapel and there he is! We both were  surprised to see him there haha. He has metal bars coming out of his arm and they are connected to a metal rod so he can't move is crazy! He did pretty well during church, but the longer he was there the paler and paler he got. He was in so much pain. (He got hit by a drunk driver while riding his long board) He wanted to also come to the dessert night at bishops that happens every Sunday. So we got him a ride. I really was worried..cause he needed to rest. So that night we went to see him when his ride was going to pick him up. He is now living with the people who were letting him stay in their garage. We got to the apartment right in time to see his bandages changed.....yea.....not really haha. It was nasty..the stitches were just a massive maze all over his arm. How ever that really was not too bad..the bad part was the metal rods you could see...and how they stretched the skin and you could see the open wound to his bone...gross!!!  He loved dessert night last night though ,we made sure he had a pillow to rest his arm on and that he sat down a ton. 
       Ok now to the Dirty Dash. So in Billings all the missionaries help out at like every event possible, and the community is very welcome to it. So our Zone volunteered. We were doing bag checks and stuff, and everyone had a different job. But after we volunteered they let us run it! Which last year the missionaries did it also. So we all ran the dirty dash. It is based in Utah and so I totally want to take Josh next summer. It is a 5k and the first mile we just ran through tons of barns and occasionally jumped over hay...We thought that was lame, but then it got intense, with tubes we had to army crawl through with mud everywhere. Tons of those like rope things to climb. We ran through mud that was up to our waist. There were walls we had to climb. Slides we had to go on. It was so freaking fun! when we ran the elders had shirts and ties, and we had shirts that said and it was pretty cool! It was defiantly a once in a mission experience. 
     So I have started to read the Doctrine and Covenants straight though, and like I have read it before but not like straight though and I have found it is one of the coolest and most spiritual experiences I have had.  I love it. I read it all the time whenever I have time ...which is rare...but I still try haha.
       Anyways. So I read your email about Holly Burr and Brittany Harris...oh my goodness it is crazy to think that they are home haha. time flies! I wish i could have heard both of their homecoming talks! I bet they were amazing! Well I love all of you and have a great week! and I will send pics :) 
Love always, Sister Draudt (Andrea :)

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