Monday, August 4, 2014

July 21, 2014

Dear Family!
   1st off HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I hope it is a wonderful awesome day! You're the best :)
     So everyone this week has been great! It has been long..but great! Natasha was baptized on Saturday and Confirmed yesterday :) I will have to tell you all more about that later.
      On Wednesday Sister DeBry and I were about to go to Helena for Mission Leadership council (which is a meeting with all the STL'S and Zone leaders) We only went on be half of the office sisters, so we could talk about online proselyting and the tools we now have access to, to keep missionaries on task while online. It was a really good meeting! It was interesting because almost all of the Zone leaders and Sister Training leaders are awesome and I really love them, however there were a few there who think they are better then others. I learned a lot, but it was the longest drive there and the longest meeting and longest drive back...I am happy I won't have to go again haha. We woke up at 3:45 and left at 4:20 in a van with all the sister training leaders from the east and south sides of the mission to Helena. it was a 4 hour drive...then the meeting, and then 4 hours back..we did not get home till 9:30....I was exhausted. The sisters were all wanting to sing in the van..Sister Debry and I and 2 others...were not to happy with felt like girls camp all over again....bleh....hahaha But the meeting was it was ok. It was just long.
      This whole week we have been really focused on Natasha and getting her ready for baptism, so we have had that daily contact and have been helping her. She is awesome! She just grasps on to a lesson, and applies it immediately. She is working on the cussing though haha. So on Wednesday we had a lesson with her...and we were at some tables at this park..little did we know it was the most sketchy part of Billings. About 7 drunk Natives came up to us and tried talking to us..they were so high...and so drunk I almost wouldn't breath it was so strong. We were  very polite but calmly left that area...they tried to follow us for a minute..they were crazy! Later we found out that there have been several shootings and stabbings in that area this week....good thing I did not know that before hand or I would have freaked out haha.
     So Natasha's baptism! It was so great! So many people from our ward came out to support her. She had Elder Thomas baptize her. President and Sister Mecham even came to the baptism! That was cool! Sister Be Bry and I could tell Natasha was happy, but a little down, cause everyone she invited including her mom and best friend would not come. Her best friend who happens to be mormon, told her she had a nail appointment and so she could not go to her baptism. That made me so sad. When we first met Natasha, I told her that the ward was now her family, and that they love her. Well that was so prominent at the baptism, because when she got up to walk to the font she looked up and saw so many ward members there to support her and we could just see she was happy. After she was baptized and was sitting next to us again during the bishops welcome to the ward I saw that glow about her! Which just shows how much she was glowing, cause I was not looking for it, but i just noticed it! She is one amazing daughter of God. I will send pics so you can see us with her. After the baptism we had refreshments, (we made cupcakes) The ward just surrounded her and they all were taking pictures and it was so cute! Then yesterday she was confirmed! Randy, who with in the last year has returned to the church and received the Melchizedek priesthood, he confirmed her and it was so cool! Natasha had great comments in Sunday school and Relief society, she has just jumped all in.
       I want to tell you a little bit about Natasha. She has had a rough life, but still is a very determined person. She grew up with her mom until she was about 12 when her mom went to prison. She then lived with her grandma for 3years. This is where you think it gets better, how ever it's not. Her grandma would not let her leave the house for those three years, she did not even go to school she missed all of middle school/ junior high. Some other stuff happened and Natasha was finally taken out of that home..then about a year and a half ago she started living with her mom again who is now out of jail... Natasha graduated high school on time! Doesn't that just show how great she is! with all those trials she caught up and graduated on time. She is working fast food as much as she can so she can move out, cause her mom's house is not a good environment. Natahsa totally supports her self. She is great! That is a little bit about Natasha.
       Well I am kinda of out of things to say....not much has happened this week..besides Natashas baptism haha, which is a lot. I have a ton of stuff I will need to send home..I am accumulating more haha.I finished my 3rd journal last i am now working on my 4th..which is awesome! I love journals...even though they can be a pain haha. Well I love all of you have a great week...especially you dad, for your birthday and all haha...oh! A convert that Sister Debry worked with in Ten Sleep, Desiree and her husband, who was less active, but they are both active now. Anyways, they took us out to dinner while they were visiting and it was so fun! They were adorable and so silly. They took us to this Hibachi grill, oh my goodness it was so good!....anyways that's it for now.... haha I love you all :)
                      -Love Andrea

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