Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family,
      I have so many miracles to tell you all about. I absolutely know that God loves us, that we are his children, and that he still is preforming miracles because he loves us. That is what I have learned this week well more like Thursday night till yesterday so many wonderful things have happened. 
 I don't know how much I have told you all about Randy, but he is the assistant ward misison leader. He was re activated about a year ago. He lived a pretty crazy life, that is all I know and he really wanted to go on a mission. So he was working towards that and when he met with the stake president a while ago he was told that the could not serve a mission. He has taken months to accept this because he just felt so strongly that he needed to serve, but yet he was told no. He now has the Melchizedek priesthood now, he received that a couple months ago. He has been preparing to enter the temple also.  Anyways we are around him a ton, because he comes to lessons with us all the time and we have meetings and stuff. We also are teaching him with preach my gospel, because even though he was told he could not serve a mission, he wanted o learn everything he could so that he could be the best missionary he could just a member. On Thursday night he texted us and told us he had big news! So of course we called him up and he told us that he was going to be receiving his endowment, that he had just got out of the interview with the stake president. I was freaking out on the phone becuase I know how hard he has been working. Then he paused and said "Wait, there is even more" He began to explain that president Zaugg started talking about missions and that he felt it was time Randy met with President Mecham, to talk about serving! There are no promises that he will serve but it is something that they should talk about. Randy was so elated and so was Sister DeBry and I. I seriously almost cried. He was was so happy. He has been down lately cause he just felt like something was missing, he wasn't progressing, but now he was and he is so excited. The story gets even better, On Saturday night we were on exchanges and Sister DeBry calls and tells me, Randy has something to tell you. So he gets on the phone and tells me he is receiving his endowment on Friday, and he wants us to come :) So we are working everything out so we can i might now have preparation day next Monday...i think i will and it will be normal.. but i am not sure..i just know we have got to be at the endowment. He also told me on the phone that he set up an appointment with president Mecham for Sunday right after church!!! Now to Sunday yesterday at Bishops Dessert night, they do this fun little thing every Sunday, and it a wonderful activity to bring people to , so we had some less actives there :) Anyways while there We went over to randy and he told us he has some more news. He told me "Well, you can't scream in the house" So we went outside and he told us that he is going on a mission! That when meeting with President Mecham he told him that he thought he should serve, but that a mission was a lot harder than people usually expect so He will have Randy serve in our mission for a transfer to try it out, and then they will proceed from there to either have him say in our mission and serve 2 years, or have him get a call and go to the MTC. MIRACLES HAPPEN! I KNOW THEY DO, BECAUSE I WITNESSED THIS EXPERIENCE! Randy will be leaving August 16th and will be set apart and be part of the Montana Billings Mission. Elder Gordy...that will be different haha. I am so happy for him. Yesterday he was telling us about how he was feeling and everything. We were the first people he has told. He said "I know now that It was the Holy Ghost telling me to serve a mission, even though I was told no so many times." He explained how God does answer prayers, usally not how we expect, but always in the best way. This was the best way :)
     Yesterday was so special. because not only did we hear about Randys amazing news but fast an testimony meeting was so powerful, honestly they best one of my mission, my life. During fast an testimony meeting I had Korrin sitting next to me, who was baptized not to long ago and whos testimony is growing so much everyday. Then I had Mellisa on the left of me, I willtell you all about her, she is getting baptized on September 6th :) She is amazing! Then next t Mellisa was Natasha, who was baptized recently and just diving into the gospel as well :) That was so cool to have them all sitting next to me. I love them so much I can;t even express it! Then during testimony meeting there were wonderful testimonies. Eliza Cannell and her fiance Eric both bore their testimonies.  Eliza was reactivated in this ward .I have been working with her since I got here. She has gone to do baptism for the dead, and now she is preparing to be married in the temple at the end of this month :) That just gave me the chills to listen to her bear testimony of the gospel and how it has blessed her life. She is a miracles. She has changed her life completely, she is going to the temple! Miracles happen :) God loves his children so so very much :)
     Luke Walker and Jared Hibbert are preparing for there missions also. Luke is almost done with his papers. He was just recently reactivated as well :) What an amazing blessing. I als recognized in Sacrament how amazing it is that I have been him this wad for almost 6 months, that I have been able to see all these changes happen, to see the hand of God working in all of these peoples lives. I have been given the blessing of being able to be here to see all of this play out. Heavenly Father is so kind and amazing. I am so thankful to him for letting me be here for this. My mission is a miracles. I have met so many wonderful people, that have been placed in my path, and I have been placed in theirs. They are my family also now.
    Ok now to Mellisa. She is full of miracles. She is 19 and graduated last year. Her mom and grandparents are members. She now lives with her grandparents and goes to church. She has gone off and on for years and was praying that to know if she should be baptized .That is when the elders found out she was not a member, because everyone thought she was. Well they set up an appointment and had us come, since she is YSA age. She is ready and wanted to be baptized, so we set a date to work towards. She is so cute and awesome! She was not supposed to talk she was supposed to be in a wheel chair all of her life. But she walks, she has gone through multiple surgeries, but she is walking and is a miracles. :) Miracles are all around us! I love it! I love Mellisa she is just adorable :)
     One thing I have done on my mission is every night I share three miracles that have happened that day with my companion. I have noticed how much it has blessed my day. Like yesterday a miracles was that we were able to talk to our bishops neighbor who is not interested in the gospel, we did not know  this, we just talked about family history and it grabbed him, he loved it and wants to do it. When we told sister Williams (bishops wife) she told us she has bee trying for years, we  may have just found the way to help him. That is a miracle to me. And there are so many more  that I have shared in this email.
      This week my testimony of miracles has been strengthens and built so much more. I have had 2 Nephi 27:23 on my mind a lot, which says "For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith." I just want to tell you all how much I know that this is true. That mircles happen, just like they did in the book of Mormon and in the Bible. That God is the same. He loves his children more that we can even imagine. I know that just like anything though, we must o something to obtain it. Which is faith. We must act in faith and miracles will come. That is a promise from him. I have seen it this week, in my own life and in the lives of others. That faith is the key. Rand, Eliza, Mellisa, Natasha, Korin and many more have all acted on their faith and miracles have come.
      Recognizing the small miracles that are given to me everyday from my Heavenly Father as well as the big ones have really impacted the last year of my life. I would love to invite all of you who read this to try it out. I promise it will brighten your day and even more than that you will see how much Gods hand really is influencing and blessing your life. I know he is influencing and helping and blessing my life.
      I love all of you so much :) Have a wonderful week :)

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