Friday, August 29, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear Family,
This week has been crazy! Saying goodbye to everyone was so hard, but wonderful at the same time because I was able to see how much Billings effected me as a person and how much I grew and learned there. I will miss it dearly.  The Rimrock Ward holds a special place in my heart :)
Bozeman is wonderful!!!! I arrived on Wednesday morning and I was on exchange till sister Harwood got here. Oh my goodness she is the cutest thing ever! We are always just laughing and having fun, but even better than that she is so focused and loves the work. I am so so so excited for this companionship. We both have talked a lot about how much we are so excited to be here and how we both just felt a confirmation of coming to this area right away. We both know it is the right place for us and the right companionship. There is a lot of work to be done. We could not get our area book downloaded till Thursday evening.  The area book was not working and even then I was the only one to get it on my Ipad until the next day when Sister Harwood finally got it also. We had no idea where we were driving, luckily some other sisters let us use their GPS. We did not get left the best notes...but luckily we found out the notes were sent to our emails, so I finally got them today hahaha. The ward is so different then what I was used to in Billings haha. It is a big family ward and there are wonderful people, but Bozeman is a college town, so I keep seeing all the YSA and I automatically just try to talk to them it's really funny. Today is the first Sunny day since I got here, it is so so pretty, I think it is the pretties place I have served. It is beautiful. There are mountains! :) yea!
So we have been trying to track down all of the investigators and less actives, however our area is the out skirts of town, so it is huge and takes forever to find people, it's an adventure. Most of our investigators we are starting to learn are not really investigators...there is a lot of work to do here. The sisters were wonderful that were here though and the ward loves them and is always talking about them. We have not really found anyone yet, we met a recent convert and an investigator, but no one else seems to be home haha, so we are knocking on lots of less active and investigators doors. Our Bishop is wonderful I am very excited to work with him, as well as our ward mission leader! Brother Mathson, he is on top of it! It is really cool  there are so many converts here, we will be talking and find out that they joined the church a couple years ago! It is super awesome!
We cover the Big Sky Branch also. Big Sky is a huge ski resort town and so many visitors all the time because it is a vacation spot. The Branch president told us he and his wife are the only active members, there are 25 or 24 on the list, but they all have p.o. boxes so we can't find them. The branch always has people there because of the visitors, but none of the people who/s records  are there actually come. So we have .....a lot...of work to do! But I am super excited! We want to find some investigators out there. Big sky is so so so pretty, I wish I took pics but it was poring while we were there. It is in the middle of the mountains and there are trees everywhere, 'amazing.
Well I really do not have time to write, But I love you so much :) have a wonderful week :) oh my new address is: 2307 West Main Street Apt 201, Bozeman, Mt, 59718-3986 (I'm not sure about the zip code.) if you need  to you can send the letters to the Rimrock address still and they will forward it to me since that is the mission home address.Love ya and take care.
  -Sister Draudt

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