Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hello family!!!

Before I forget I need to tell you that I need a bag, and scripture case..both of mine are broken...like bad...haha I have little clippy things holding my bad together, and the handles on my scriptures are broken haha, so that would be good for Christmas.

Ok now to what has happened this week. Well in the beginning this week was rough, on Monday night we taught a lesson to one of the ward missionaries and his wife, well it was absolutely awful, I wanted to cry.  The lesson did not go smoothly and it was a disaster. After that lesson, we realized maybe Heavenly Father was humbling us, well we went to a less active who we have tried like 3 times and rescheduled appointments, and we decided to visit them. Before we got out of the car, we prayed and Sister Austin in the prayer asked to be humbled..and believe me it came. We got out of the car and knocked and the less active told us that they were ok with where they were, they did not want to hear our lesson, and we need to stop coming. Humility or what...gah it sucked. Then on Tuesday morning our landlord's dogs were trying to eat our breakfast, so we locked them out of the kitchen, well after studies we are looking for our phone everywhere. Sister Austin went outside for it, and came back in with a chewed up, ruined, slobbered on phone. About 4 of our speed dials worked, and we could receive calls, but that was it. The screen was broken and the phone was mangled. We laughed like crazy, because it was pretty funny, but at the same time we both almost burst into tears. We had to go to the church to call the mission office and they sent us a knew phone, that we received on Saturday. Having to tell the mission home what happened was pretty humbling too, they did not lecture or anything, but I still felt stupid having to tell them the dog got a hold of our phone. 
Luckily by Tuesday night the week started to improve, we went over to the Jaure's and taught them the restoration.  Well we tried to again, haha. It did not really work, but that is ok because we got to the main point which was baptism. They, especially Levon wants to be baptized but like I said he is nervous because of past experiences. Well we did not set a date but talked about baptism, and Kordillia, who is his 5 year old daughter (Kordy) and their 2 year old son Ezra. They were all over me and I could not teach, and Sister Austin would not, like I don't think she knew how to get into the lesson. So I just did my best. The member who was with us helped a lot. I kept feeling like I needed to ask Alicia if she wanted a blessing, so finally I did, and she said yes. I think that was why we were there that night, because she needed a blessing. Finally we left, after Kordy has drawn me like 4 pictures haha, she is like my little buddy. She kept trying to sit on me, but that is not allowed, so I just had her sit next to me haha. 
After district meeting the next day, so Wednesday, we all went out to lunch at the best little Mexican restaurant ever!! Was like 4 bucks for a huge quesidia, I got tacos though, and they were phenomenal also. Anyways we went to the Jaure's with the elders and they gave them blessings, and we tried teaching, and it did not work haha, apparently we were not supposed to. They said they would be at church Sunday though.
On Wednesday we were able to teach a lot of lessons and it was awesome, but the most interesting one was at a less active.  Well she is active but is going through a hard time, but her sister lives with her and she is less active. Well they had a friend over who was Muslim. Sister Blackwell who we originally went to go see read us this talk that one of the apostles gave, and it was super cool, and we were discussing prophets, then her Muslim friend, Janet, peeps in  and says "Well we don't have prophets." And then it turned in to a argument, not a heated one at all, but she was trying to prove her point and Sister Austin was trying to prove ours. The spirit was not there and the best thing to do was to leave, but Sister Austin was having fun. Luckily slowly Janet started saying "I believe" rather that "You're wrong" and so it turned in to a discussion, but it still sucked, because while it was interesting to learn about,  the spirit was not there. I hated the whole thing. We finally left and the last thing Janet said to us was "study it out" and I could tell we obviously had not made an impression. We were in there talking for an hour and half! I was happy to leave. Next time I will change the subject and get out, because there is no use in trying to convince her...
On Thursday we taught Sam, the girl I wrote about, and how she is golden. Well she goes to the college branch, and so the other sisters have been very obnoxious and telling us we need to turn her over to them. So we had them come to a lesson on Wednesday and it was so amazing, so spiritual and I was ecstatic. I left the appointment saying how great Sam was, and the only thing the other sister said was"Where is her record? She is ours, we need her paper work, oh and we are bringing a member with us next time, and well 5 people is too much" EXCUSE ME!!! I was pissed (I know you hate that word mom, but it is the only word to explain how I felt) gahhh, so stupid. All they think about is her as a number, and it made me so mad!!!!
On Saturday we had another appointment with Sam and we went anyways, and we had a great lesson, Sam was crying, and I hope that made them think a little more. We told Sam that we would not be teaching her anymore and she was so sad,  and so when it was time to say prayer she asked me to say the last prayer with her :) Awwww, I love her. We decided we are still going to visit her anyways, not teach, but go visit sometimes however if we still feel prompted to teach her we will.
Now to the best part!!! Yesterday!!! Yesterday, 1st off we made a jeopardy game on the third lesson to play with Dacey who is getting baptized, her brother who is 13 Jaden was there and played with us also, he was just baptized in a different church and it was a good game because we talked about the right authority and when we need the Holy Ghost. The game was so much better than the other lessons we had and they learned so much.  It was a blast, and after the game Jaden got us ice cream sandwiches, and then Dacey taught us Ninja destruction, which I have played before but it was a blast playing with her, in our skirts...hahahaha oh well.
At church we had 7 investigators show up, and 5 less actives!!!! How amazing is that! That is the best I have had my whole mission. I was so excited, and the ward was too. They all jumped at the opportunities to help. The ward really stepped in and it was so awesome!!! Levon came, but his wife had to work.  He brought Ezra and Kordy though! So cute! I just love those kids. Then we had the Shellys there, which is a part member family and less active, and we had Brenda and Anthony and Anthony's girlfriend Renee, I believe I have talked about them. We also had many others there.
It was amazing!!! Best church meeting ever. So many members were excited like I said, and during Relief Society our dinner calendar for this month and next month were filled!!! How awesome is that? The high priest group leader asked us for our calendar before anyone else saw it and signed up for Christmas haha.  He is so cool.  He gave us a ton of referrals also. They have a son in Portugal.
So we have Sister Black, the other STL ( sister training leader) with us right now, she is on exchanges again, because of the ipads they have to do 2 exchanges this transfer. Some of the Sisters made us late for our appointment with the Jaure's. They didn't pick up the STL that was going to go with them,  we had to bring both stls with us! Anyways the Jaure's went well.  Alica was still at work, so it was just him, and we talked about a date for baptism, but he has to have a interview from up high cause he is on probation, so we rather set a date for his interview and when he is approved we will baptized him right after! Wahooo! Kordy became my best friend and was pretty much sitting on me, I tried to not let her, but it doesn't work all the time.  She is so stinking cute. After the lesson we finally were able to drop Sister Session off with the other sisters and then we went to a less active, who when we met her she was like "I'm so busy," then I asked if she had time right then, and she did, so we got to know her.  Well she happens to be a preschool teacher!!! So we talked for like an hour, and we also taught the restoration, and by the end she was so comfortable with us. It made me so happy. The other sisters didn't talk haha, just me and her, because they didn't really relate, but it was so fun!!!...anyways this week all and all has been amazing..I learned humility though...hahha I love you all so much and I love reading all of my emails. mom and paps I love you! I am so excited for Christmas to be able to talk to skype you!!! love you :) have a great week :)

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