Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 12, 2013

Dear Family and everyone,

I have like no time to write this week, so my email is going to be scattered, and short. Just a warning. 
First I want to tell you that I love all of you so much and that I pray for each of you specifically each night and think about you.  
Second, this week, well like last Tuesday so a week from today I finished the book of Mormon for the first time on my mission! I have read the book of Mormon before, but it took me a long time and I was not as focused on it, and so this time I was so excited because when I finished, I had the opportunity to go kneel by my bed and pray about it. Which I already know that it is true, but I love praying about it because I love to find new things that show me that it is true. I did not receive a magnificent answer by any means, but rather after praying I decided to just look though my Book of Mormon. Which after I started flipping though it, I realized that was my answer. While flipping though it I saw all of the yellow markings, and all the yellow markings are where Christ or Heavenly Father are referred to, and boy oh boy they are everywhere. I loved that because it was tangible proof that what we believe as a church and what I believe as Heavenly Father's daughter is all centered on and surrounded by Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. I also saw all the colors that have filled my Book of Mormon. I was able to see all that I have learned from the Book of Mormon. The thought came to me, that if I learned all of that, and I saw everything related back to God, and I can look back at the comfort and peace this book has given me, then why would it not be true, why would it not be of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I know Heavenly Father loves me, Andrea, and he loves all of his children, and he gave us our scriptures so that we can always have feel his love and comfort and peace and learn of him. Like I said I did not have this big amazing experience when I prayed, but I found my answer and I know that the Book of Mormon is good, and that it is true, and that it is of God. I am so happy that I am a member of Christ's church and that I have a testimony of it. I am not just a member, but rather I believe and have faith in this gospel. I know that it is true and that is why I go to church, that is why I read, that is why I work so hard to be with my family forever and that is why I am here in Wyoming trying to bring others to that same peace and happiness I have. Rather than just being a member of this church, I know that this church is true.  I could not have known the Book of Mormon was true, unless I read it, unless I studied it, and asked God. I live it because I believe it.
Another side note I ate deer on Sunday!!!! Yes I ate deer, and not even just deer, but deer heart!!!! Crazy right? At least I thought it was crazy. Oddly enough, it was actually really tasty, except I do not plan on eating deer heart ever again!  Just because I could not get over the thought of eating deer heart..especially since I saw Brother Baker with the deer, and I saw him skin it and butcher it...ewww..and I saw him clean the heart....ya...I saw little old Bambi, and then I ate little old Bambi....that was weird.  Deer was great and I know I will eat it a ton more on my mission, but when I get home I don't plan on continuing it..like it's good, but beef and pork is just as good, haha.
Also we went in to a part member's house a couple of days ago because we were trying to get a hold of them, and we had a great time talking to Sister Wiggington, and right before we left we found out that her ex-husband, has approved her daughter Dacey to be baptized. Dacey is 10, and just the sweetest little girl.  Her dad is a member but after their divorce he left, and did not want her to be baptized. Dacey has wanted to for a long time and she told us her story. She said that she has been praying and praying and her prayers were finally answered because a couple of days ago her dad asked why she wanted to be baptized, and she said "Because I want the Holy Ghost." And he said "Ok.." and so he is letting her be baptized. When she told us this I started tearing up, and the sweetest thing was seeing her mom begin to cry. I could just tell how proud she is of her daughter. That was by far one of the most tender moments I have seen :) I am so lucky to be able to see moments like that :) I love missionary work, even though some times it is awful haha. I love it! Moments like that make everything  ok :)
Well I love you all and I have to go,   Have a great week and I will write more next week :) please write letters, I love them :)
  Love,  Andrea

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