Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013

Well this week has been crazy. First off on Tuesday I pretty much cried a ton. I went and said goodbye to everyone, and then to the Stephensons very last, and when we left I felt this closure, like it was official.  My goodbyes are done and I was leaving. My heart broke. I remember opening my call to the Montana Billings mission and then crying to you, mom, for like 2 hours and I was so down that I was going to Montana. Then on Tuesday I cried even more because I was leaving home, a place I never thought I would love. Then I fell in love with Great Falls and it became home and the people became family, they still are. It was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I know that I can go back and visit, but really, I know I probably will not see all of them again. It was awful to have to leave. I did not feel ready, my work was not done, or maybe it was and I just did not want to admit it. Right now, even thinking about it my throat is swelling and I want to cry. I miss my home in Great Falls so much. Like I said earlier I never thought I would even like Montana, let alone completely fall in love with it and bawl when I left. I know I met so many friends that I knew before. I finally came in contact with them here, and then had to leave them, these people that I knew from before this life and it was awful.
Anyways after leaving the Stephensons we went home and when we opened the door Brother Gunther handed me a couple flashlights :) haha he always gives us them. I then got some more pictures and he told me he loved taking pics cause it was the one time he could put his arm around me :) awww. Also I do not remember if i told you this last week but he also told me that I was a daughter to him, and that he would miss me, and it was hard to see me leave. Oh boy here I go, I'm crying kinda...haha. I miss them so much. I was thinking how when I get married these people I have met will hopefully be there. like Tony an Deena should be sealed by then, the Gunthers can come, and the Stephenson, and Amber. Oh my I am so grateful I have been called to the Montana Billings Mission. i would have missed out on so many relationships that I have formed.
I finally packed and then in the morning we all met up as a zone to have our traditional transfer breakfast and I had people sign my little journal thing I have. I got a ton of pictures and I'm gonna miss those missionaries. saying goodbye to sister Barkdull sucked, we have become so close and oh boy that was rough. Finally we were off to Helena.  
When we got to Helena I ran into Elder Rassmussen from the MTC!! That was so legit!!! So fun. Then me and Sister Taylor rode on the transfer van together to Billings and had so much fun catching up. When we got to Billings I was given my new address which is 2205  West, Main Street, Riverton, WY 82501. and who I would be living with and my comps name. My comps name is Sister Austin, and we live with the Bakers, she is the medical coordinator of the mission and we love her. Anyways I hunted down Sister Austin. I found her, she has blonde hair and is 19 from Provo Utah! How funny right haha. She is very nice. We ended up riding down to Lovell with a set of sisters and staying the night there with other sisters. One has been out 6 weeks and is training her comp who is brand new. We stayed with other sisters in Lovell, which stunk so bad!!! Cause Lovell is full of sulfur fields so it stinks like farts all the time...ewwww, plus we stayed the night in this very icky dreary basement. I prayed that night and asked if since I am training and being doubled in and leaving an area I love so much, and have all that stress if I could have the tender mercy of at least not living in a dump, cause that would make me feel very down. Anyways in the morning we headed to Riverton which was a 4 hour drive. When we arrived at the church there were some elders waiting for us. I soon had many tender mercies that came my way. 
First is Elder Norman was there. He was transferred last transfer and I really loved that elder, and luckily he is here in Lander, a 20 minute drive and in our zone, so I see him fairly often. That was such a tender mercy. Then I was handed the keys to the car, and there were two cars in the parking lot that our car could be. One was nice and clean, and the other was caked in mud. Luckily our car was the clean one. Phew! One less thing to worry about. Then we drove to the Bakers. Dang we have it good. Their basement has been remodeled and it is not dark and dreary at all, it is very inviting and sweet. I am so thankful for that. We also live with 3 dogs...two of which are big! haha they are very sweet though and I enjoy it. Sister Baker is so darn cute, she bought new bed spreads like 2 days after being there, cause she didn't want us to have to sleep in boy beds haha.
After getting to the Bakers we did not even unpack, we booked it over to the ward mission leaders house and met with him, so we could start understanding the area better. Then we went to a sweet old ladies house, Sister Larson, where the Elders invited us. They were carving pumpkins haha and so we carved pumpkins and played phase 10 and had chilli. Oh and of course passed out candy to the trick or treaters. I was so sad thinking we would not have a good Halloween, but luckily we did :) Sister Austin did not want to stay the whole night she wanted to go home and figure out our area book, but I said no..I told her that soon enough she would appreciate days like this where we just got to sit and have fun.
The next day we unpacked and had a weekly planning session, cause president asked us to. And weekly planning takes like 3 hours...I felt bad, cause I know she really wanted to get out and work. I tried to comfort her, cause that is how I felt when I first came out, missionary work is so slow, that is what I thought and it sucked, so I of course after weekly planning took her out and we tried some less actives and investigators. We also tried the bishop, he was not home but his family was and so we talked to them. 
The last couple days of being here we have met some very sweet people that are great....but we have met some weird ones too. Like this one lady, Sister Nation, she gave us a 30 minute spiel of why she doesn't pay her tithing or go to church. I told her that she needs to pay her tithing and needs to test that faith, she can't receive blessings from it till she does it. She got a little upset. I told her I was not there to judge her, my purpose is to help others come closer to Christ. Anyways Riverton is great.  We have not got a ton done here yet...but we are trying. We met a sweet lady last night who has a son on a mission, she is not LDS and neither is her husband. The apartment reeked of smoke, her husband answered the door with a cigarette in his mouth, and at first was offish with us but he warmed up pretty quickly. Sister Austin and I left that appointment talking about how we can picture them in white at the temple. I know they can get there, and I think they are one of the reasons we are here in the area. I can't wait to get to know them more :) 
Well Riverton is hoppin, let me tell ya! haha, I really do love it here, it's a bitter sweet thing. I miss Great Falls, but I do love it here, a little stress full..well a lot stressful haha, but I can deal. I am really excited to talk to you all in like 2 months. I love you and I hope all is well.
 mom you are my best friend to :) I hope you know that. I can't wait till I can give you a huge hug. i love you so much and I am so happy we are together forever.

                            -andrea :)
On Halloween with my pumpkin.
Sister Austin and Me

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