Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 2, 2013

Dear Family, and friends,
I did get your cards and the advent calendars, we love them. It makes me so happy that we still have that tradition going haha. This week has been great. Thanksgiving was a lazy day but besides that we have done great. On Monday night we went to see the Karikers.  Ingrid and Garland. They are refugees from hurricane Katrina and the sweetest old people ever. Their daughter converted years ago and is a member but she has gone less active. Anyways the Karikers are so nice to all of the missionaries, they have never really been taught, so we decided we would try and they were like "no thanks, she's Lutheran, I'm catholic." We were able to clear up some of their thoughts about us, nothing big though. They love Mormons haha.  Sister Kariker made us pillowcases that she drew on and gave us them as our Christmas present, and had us open them :) mine has Captain America on it haha, and Sister Austins has Rapunzel from Tangled. They're so darling! She also gave us some soup, like real new Orleans kind of soup. It was amazing, it has polish sausage in it. Every time they give us food it is the best. I think that we could still try and teach them, cause they would be the best Mormons! I will have to get pictures with them.
On Wednesday we went to visit Brenda Niedo. She started Reading the Book of Mormon, but backwards and had read a ton, like she is really studying and so we just shared what we have been studying also! It was so cool. She really has had a change of heart. We saw her on Friday also and she came to church on Sunday, she has now been re activated!!! She has told us every time that we saw her this week that before she met us she thought she lost her chance and had no chance of the celestial kingdom, but now she realizes she did not have enough faith in the atonement, and that is what she has been missing. She now knows that she has a chance because of the atonement. :) she is amazing I love her so much! I will have to get pictures with her also.
Thanksgiving was awesome!!!! We went to the college branch building to have thanksgiving with The DeVries, and her side of the family also. They were hilarious I don't think i have laughed that hard for a while. I only ate one plate!!! I was so full, I was sick though, which I think is a blessing in disguise that I didn't eat more that one plate haha. Then we went home and took a 2 hour nap, that is why I said my Thanksgiving was lazy. We were so exhausted and I think that was the nap that I had been waiting for for about 5 months haha. After our nap we went up stairs and had more dessert with the bakers and the family that they had over. Their one So- in-law, Phil,was a crack up. He and his wife have two kids on missions. I said that I had not laughed as hard as I did until being with the DeVries, well I lied, I could have peed my pants,  he was so funny. Elder Ashcroft and Linton stopped by and we all just had a good time talking for like 2 or three hours. We were supposed to go to the sisters house and watch a movie but we got too distracted, but we did go over there finally at like 8:30. That was a good idea, we were able to talk and we found out that the sister training leaders were the ones who totally exaggerated the drama and then told them, that we hated them, and then they told us that the sisters thought they were better than us and didn't like us. 1st off the interviews we have with leaders and the stuff discussed in them should not be gossiped about, so that is ridiculous that the sisters told private info to other people and then blew it out of proportion. Everything is happy go lucky with us and the other sisters now, and I have come to the realization that it is ok for them to teach Sam. I was jealous cause I love Sam but that is ok. We cleared everything up and decided that we need to be up front with each other and not really use the sister training leaders. like we still need to respect them, but we are not going to take what they say very seriously. So Thanksgiving was amazing!
Oh also on Tuesday before the sister training leaders left, we still had the one with us on exchanges and she took up like our whole day, we did not get a lot of work done because she had to "train us on the ipads" they do this every time. Anyways she found out that we were using our actual scriptures in the appointment and told us that was not ok, we need to use the ipad.  Sister Austin and I told her no, and so she texted the zone leaders and then called them about it. I think that nothing will replace my physical sripitures, and when with an investigator it is better to look it up in our scriptures rather than an ipad, cause you can't mistake scriptures for anything, But an ipad is just a cool toy. We use the ipad for the pamplets and teaching, but if i am going to pull out a scriptures I want to use my scriptures. Sister Black was so mad. She told us that is we don't use them properly they will take them away. Sister Austin said "ok, go ahead" and sister black had no idea what to say! They didn't end up taking them away but still she was being ridiculous, Sister Austin was pretty much in tears cause Sister Black made us feel like we were the worst missionaries on the planet, which is ridiculous cause we are working hard! Anyways  that was the drama there, but she is gone now and we don't need to worry, haha.
So Brother Jaure is ready, well he wants to be baptized so we taught him the word of wisdom yesterday and so pray for him this week that he can stick to it, he also visited with the bishop to start his repentance process! He also is writing a letter to Pres. Mecham so that Pres. Mecham can understand the situation better and then set up an interview and then we just have to wait for permission! So hopefully he will be baptized later this month, or early January. Brother Levon is so amazing please keep him in your prayers, he is so strong and I know he will be a great member of the church. I can't wait for him to be baptized. I have some pictures with his adorable daughter Kordillia (Kordy) I will send.
We thought that this week had been rough, but then we added up our numbers last night and we had 25 lessons! We are so exctied, and the best part to me is that we know the people we have taught, I love every single one of them, and the number was good cause we met our goal, but besides that I don't even care. I sometimes miss home and it is hard being away feeling like everything is changing, but then I realize how many amazing people I have met and it is worth it. I love it here so much. Mom the pictures of you and Eva and Claire and Gavin made my day. Also Vicky Wilkins went me a card! She is such a sweet heart, please tell her thank you for me.  It means so much.
Remember Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths" The Lord has a plan, a plan better than ours, we need to trust in him, and everything will work out the way it needs to be. Heavenly Father loves us so much we are his children. Tell him everything, let him know what is happening, thank him for what you have been given and let him, let him know your struggles. I have really been working on this this week and I want you all to also. I love my Heavenly Father.
I love you mom and paps :)


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