Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Day of Fall

Hey Family!!!

This week has been interesting.  We had a couple different sisters with us because of transfers and so it was crazy in the beginning of the week.  But thank heavens they finally left.  I love them, but it is so nice to have it back to just me and Sister Barkdull.  One Friday morning after they were all gone, me and Sister Barkdull had our first disagreement.  We just discussed our problem, because it was about how we wanted to teach people. We told each other we were frustrated with each other and we both were annoyed with each other, but we also made sure to tell each other that even though we were frustrated with one another we still loved each other. It was so weird, like we communicated and had an argument but not a fight. If that makes any sense.  It was really cool that we both handled it so well. Throughout the day we were able to get over it and both totally felt fine with our companionship, and the appointments we had, kept getting better and better.  But every time we would leave them we both just felt awful and we didn't know why. It was so weird but we talked and we both felt like something really amazing was about to happen and Satan was trying to stop us. We decided to get blessings, and as soon as we got our blessings we felt better. The blessing was perfect for me, I know that it came from Heavenly Father, because I have really been thinking about dad this week and scared that he is mad at me, and it's really stressing me out cause I don't want to lose the relationship that we have built. In my blessing right before he closed he said "Your Heavenly Father is proud of you, and not only that, but you dad is so proud of you as well" I started to bawl, I really needed to hear that dad was proud of me and through the blessing I was able to know that he is. In my blessing I was also told that this journey will be difficult but to never give up because I have people on the other side of the veil backing me up and pushing me forward. WOW! I really needed that too.

After the blessing I felt amazing, and then the next day (so yesterday), we found our reason why everything was going wrong. We went to a referrals house, and she happened to be in the shower, but her son came out, he is 19, and has been in prison and has had a rough life. Well we started talking to him when he came out for a smoke, and we taught him the restoration and plan of salvation.  While we were teaching him, his mom came out and listened. We found out that she is super interested, and this kid ended up really enjoying talking to us. We are gonna go back and talk to them again, and I really feel that this family has so much potential. Me and Sister Barkdull left, and we talked about how much we both know that he was the reason we had a hard day. This boy doesn't really have any religion in his life, he didn't know who Jesus was until he was like 12, and he still doesn't know a lot. It was so cute cause we were teaching and he just sat down on the sidewalk and just looked at us while we taught him.  It was one of the coolest experiences ever!!! Then we contacted another referral and her name is Patsy.  She saw us and got this huge grin and immediately said "When can I set an appointment?" and then when we were leaving she looked at us and said " i am so privileged to have you come to my home" WOW!!! Seriously this was like the best day ever, we know she is golden also. It is so amazing.  We continued to contact 3 more referrals that day, how amazing is that? We found out why Satan was working so hard on us.  It's because of all these souls who are ready to learn and come closer to Christ.

This week has been super great with contacting referrals and getting lots of appointments with less actives and investigators! I am so excited for the week to come. Yesterday we had dinner with the Jensens in our ward.  They are a young couple with 2 kids.  I helped move them in when I first got here. They both served missions and he is here for work.  He is a dentist.  He went to UNLV.  It was cool because we were talking and he said it took him 4 years to be accepted to dental school, so just tell Matthew that everything will work out.  Russ (Brother Jensen) had super good grades and he had 5 interviews before he was able to get in. They ended up going to Vegas for a year to get residency, and then finally he was accepted. But now look at him and his family everything worked out and they are doing amazing! They want to take us to this restaurant in town, haha they are so cute.  We just love them.

OH MY HANNAH!!! I seriously like freaked out when I heard about Brian student teaching at Timpanogas High School Seminary!! I am so freaking ecstatic for him! That is the coolest thing ever!!!

Mom I love you and I love the story you told me about Gavin :) it makes me happy that he knows who I am :)

OH something I forgot to tell you last week.  So a couple weeks ago we were at the Gunthers jewelry store that they own (the Gunthers we live with) They were showing us all the sapphires in their store, and especially the yogo sapphires, they are super rare and expensive, they can only be found at the Yogo Quarry in Montana.  Anyways we said how nice they were, but me and Sister Barkdull also said how pretty the pearls were, and they thought it was funny we liked the pearls more. Sister Gunther then said "Well I have a whole sack of pearls I need to string." Then the next day when they came home from work, Sister Gunther brought us each a little bag and in side were pearl earnings and a pearl necklace she had strung earlier just for us!!!! awwww how amazing is that! They are absolutely beautiful; I seriously think I will wear them on my wedding day. How amazing is that?  Sister Gunther gave us pearls. By far the best mission souvenir ever. I will sent pics :) anyways I love you so much.

PS  Where are my letters everyone?  I have not got mail in like 2 or 3 weeks ...boring, I need some mail!!! Please :) I love you all so much have a great week :)

-love Andrea 

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