Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hey everybody,

I received a blessing this last week for transfers. (I am staying!!!) Haha wahooo anyways the blessing talked a ton about patience, and it was really cool, except I was trying to figure out why I need patience and I think our family is part of the reason, because later that week we were talking with sister Gunther who we live with and she was talking about faith and patience and my family came into my head, I really think I can be a big influence on everyone during my mission. I started thinking about my patriarchal blessing and it says I will be the means of bringing someone out of the depths of despair and bringing salvation to their soul. I really thought this was my mission, which it is, but then I thought about others I know. I really think my patriarchal blessing might be talking about people who are close to me.  My mission is not just for the people in Montana, but it is for you guys back home, especially my family. I love you all so much. During that blessing I was also told that I would go many different places.  I was so so scared that I was being transferred; I wanted to cry, because I am so happy with where I am and with my companion. We went to dinner after the blessing, and the phone went off, normally we turn the phone off but it was a blessing we did not because it was president. He talked to me about the elder that liked me, which is all old news now, but when our sister training leaders were here my old comp Sister Taylor told one of them and so they told president! So that was the 2nd time he heard about it so he thought it was another issue with this elder and I had to clarify to him that the sister training leaders were the wrong ones. But anyways he said that elder was being transferred.  Then I told him I was worried about transfers and he said to me and Sister Barkdull, "I see no need for you to be moved, that is not the plan." So he told us we were staying, we totally knew our transfer news like almost a whole week before everyone who just found out today.

We actually talked to President 2 days in a row because the day before that call he called us to give us good news! Carla had permission to be baptized!!! (Carla was raised in a polygamist family.  Her older brother and one of her sisters have converted to our church.  Her aunt and her aunt's family have also joined the church. Because of the situation, Carla had to have special permission to be baptized and had to be interviewed by a general authority which took 2 months to set up and then finally after the interview about a week ago we got a call this week from the President saying it has been approved.  She is amazing!) Wahooooo She is being baptized October 12th!!! I am so excited we screamed we were so excited and President himself wants to come for her baptism! How cool is that!!! The elders were right outside our house when we got that news and they were shocked that we screamed like that with President on the phone, it was funny. I just love president he knows me so well, like when we had out little private conversation he said "My job is to protect Sister Draudt, and I don't want anything to worry you or make you uncomfortable." I just love that he knows me. And he said that too. He was like "I know Sister Draudt pretty well."

Yesterday we had the coolest opportunity! So we were in Belt and went to sister Adams house, cause she was going to drive us around, and when we got there she said "Can you share a thought with my family real quick, my son's friend is here and he is a direct descendent of Joseph Smith.  He has only ever heard what the world has to say about Joseph Smith." We of course agreed, and went outside and grabbed a pamphlet and prayed.  I just felt this peace come upon me immediately. We then shared the restoration with him and we were able to testify to this boy, about his ancestor and how that his ancestor, great, great, great... something grandpa is a prophet of God and was the tool that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ restored the gospel to the earth through. That was such a powerful lesson. He just looked at his feet but you could tell he was thinking, and you could tell it meant something to him. The spirit in the room was so strong, so powerful. I hope we planted a seed and that he can come to learn more about the church and to join the church that his ancestor was a prophet of :) I seriously can't describe it.  I keep trying, but words can't describe how powerful and amazing that was, how strong the spirit was to be able to testify to this boy that his great, great, great something grandfather is a prophet of God!

This week we did a lot of service so I don't have like a ton to say, it's weird normally I ramble.  It was so nice to do service though!! I loved it.  We helped clean Amber’s house, so so so fun. Oh we went to contact a referral and there was this 19 yr. old sitting on the porch and we got to talking to him about the gospel and so hopefully we can teach him.  He has had a rough life.  He is from New York, and just moved here to straighten his life out.  He lived with his friend's family, (the mom of that family was the referral) so hopefully we can teach them.  It was cool to run into him because we were just around the neighborhood and I was like, hey we need to contact this lady, and we ended up meeting this boy which was super cool.

I just want you to all know that I love this gospel with my full heart.  I love it so much. I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and that He died for me, for us, that He loves us. He has to love us, you only sacrifice for people you love, and He sacrificed His life for us, that just shows how much He does love us. I know that Heavenly Father is our Father; He loved us and has given us everything we need to get back to Him. It's like school shopping.  Our parents send us off to school to benefit us, to help us learn and grow and make something out of ourselves. But they didn’t just send us off to school with nothing, they taught us everything we needed before hand so that we would be ready to go.  Just like Heavenly Father did for us. But He didn't just teach us and drop us off.  He provided us with tools, just like our moms and dads do.  They send us with clothes, backpacks, colored pencils, paper, calculators and books. Those tools really help us during school, just like the tools Heavenly Father has given us.  He has given us the Book of Mormon and the bible, so that we can do our reading and learn, so that we can be guided. He has given us prayer, so that we can call Him and talk to Him any time.  He has given us a teacher, like prophets, and primary teachers, and parents. I know that He does everything He can, but we just have to act and use what He has given us, He gave us the calculator and the book, but He can't make us use it, we have to. We must act on our beliefs and the knowledge we have.  If we don't know how we just need to start, because if you never start how can you learn?  

I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and it applies to us in these days. I read it every day and I always learn something.  I always find something.  Of course I have to read it and pay attention and focus, because of course if I just read it I'm not gonna learn. Like if you just look at a math book do you learn anything? Nope never.  You have to focus on it and try to understand. I 100% know that my prayers are answered.  I pray all the time 24/7.  I heard a really good talk in sacrament this week and it said something like "Heavenly Father is in the details.  If something doesn't go the way you want, thank Him for that blessing because it means He is blessing you with His plan for you rather that our own, and His plan is always better, so when something is not the way we planned get on your knees and thank Him." Isn't that amazing?  I loved that!  It was so powerful, and it is so true.  We need to be thankful because His plan is so much better than our own, so we need to be happy when it is going His way and not ours. :) I know my Heavenly Father loves me :) I can feel it. I love Him too. And I can't wait to be able to be reunited with Him again :) how special that day will be :) I love you all so much! Have a great week :)

-love Andrea (sister draudt)

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