Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

Dear Family,
Well first mom, I am so happy you had a good time at lunch with Sister Barkdull's mom. I got her letter and picture of you two, and Sister Barkdull got one too, it is sitting on our dash board in the car so we see it all the time haha! We love it. Oh and thanks for all the prayers for brother Gunther, they totally worked! We found out about 2 days later when he had his cancer consultation thing, that the cancer was not as bad as they thought, and that now that his kidneys are working properly, because that is what he originally went in for and had surgery on, that hopefully the cancer will just be washed out on it's own by January, and if it's not, then they will do something more, but they think that it will go away on it's own!! How amazing is that answer to prayers or what!!! It was amazing.
So Tony called us up a couple nights ago and told us about a dream he had, which was super cool. It was totally about how he needs to follow the gospel and not go off on his own path, and I really think that it kinda kicked him in the butt and got him moving, at least I hope it did. Sadly they were not at church this week!! Grrr so we stopped by in the evening and they were just chilling. They normally always come to church.
So we went to the Belt branch this week! The Belt branch is great and it was full!  Probably about 50 people were there! It was awesome. We were able to contact a lot of referrals also which was so nice cause it is really hard to find some of the people in Belt.  Like if you ask anyone for an address they say, "I don't know the address but I know where they live." Everyone says that.  Like one of the referrals address was listed as "trailer next to the blue trailer with a brown fence on Lewis street" ya that's like near impossible to track down, but we did haha! We also did watch the broadcast, of course!!! It was so cool! I loved the last lady who spoke and she related the tabernacle burning to how we can become better, just like the tabernacle, it was really neat! But I think Pres. Monsen has lost some weight! He looks like he has.  His talk almost made me cry it was just so sweet. Oh another cool part is that it was all about covenants and one thing our mission pres always says is "We are a covenant keeping mission!" And so it totally related to us and was great.
 Oh so cool story, I may have already said in another email but I'm gonna tell it again and finally tell you the ending. So about 2 months ago the bishop had us track down this lady, well we did and it happens that she moved and another young man lived there.  Me and Sister Taylor both thought we should talk to him, but we didn't and felt awful after. We then told the bishop and he said "oh duh, my bad, I knew she moved I gave you the wrong name" (it was totally supposed to happen that he gave us the wrong name) then the next day Sister Taylor gets an email from a Elder who used to be in Great Falls 1st ward and he tells her "Hey there was this house we tried that bishop had us go to and we found out the lady moved, so we left, but there was a nice young man who answered and I really felt the need to talk to him but I didn't and I could never catch him at home again, so can you try him?" Well,  low and behold it is the same guy, so we named him Kevin, cause we needed something to call him. Well we tried to get ahold of him, and never did.  Then Sister Taylor got transferred and me and sister barkdull kept trying. Like a lot, like every other day. And finally after 2 months he was home!!! He answered the door, and I was so curious to what his name was and of course I was not right, his name was Jeff haha.  Anyways we taught him the restoration on his door step and handed him a Book of Mormon.  He said he would try to read it. He also said, well I'm catholic...but of course me and Sister Barkdull don't care haha.  We are going back this week to talk to him. We don't have an appointment, but we know what times he is home now, and we are gonna ask him about it :) So I know that the story didn't have this awesome ending but I think it is pretty sweet! And I am super pleased with it :) So that was like the highlight of my week.
Oh today it had taken me forever to email cause we have been at our ward mission leaders home making wool skirts with his wife :) haha it was great. I will have to send you pictures later :) well I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week.  Please send me letters. I'm kinda sad not to have any..it's nice to ihave a break during the week and have a letter.  I am so looking forward to general conference coming up this weekend.  The priesthood session will be broadcasts this year, and so me and Sister Barkdull are gonna watch it :) haha

- love Sister Draudt (mom I love you :) )

I took these pictures on the drive back from Belt the other day.  Aren't they just beautiful?  So so pretty.

This picture is of Elder Walch.  He is one of our zone leaders and is from Provo.  It was his birthday and we shoved a cupcake in his face. haha

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