Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy October 14th!

 Dear Family (Mom)
Well This week has been fabulous, well at least Saturday and Sunday were haha. Sister Barkdull has been sick this week, which I really felt bad for her. We called the nurse lady in the mission and she said that she needed to take Excedrin, cause it is a headache that Sister Barkdull has, but sister Barkdull won't take the right dose cause she hates caffeine and doesn't want to take it. The nurse on the phone today said, if you need to go you can go to the doctor, but since you have not been taking the right dose, and you don't sound sick, then I would say don't go until you start taking the right dose. Anyways things are going better now.

I will now actually talk about my week haha. So this week we taught Tony and Deena the law of Chastity, I realized that it came up in some conversations. Everyone else has talked to them about it, except us! So we decided it was about time for them to hear it, and to be honest I was scared out of my mind because I knew when the bishop talked to them they got really offended so I didn't want to offend them. We taught them it and it went super well, but when we committed them to living it of course they said "No" They did say they are planning on getting married soon though, so hopefully it really is soon. After the lesson about 20 minutes later they called us up and said they felt bad saying no and so they asked for a different commitment. We figured a commitment of some sort was better than none at all, so we committed them to purposeful prayer, and really focusing on your prayers and also reading more of their scriptures, which they have slacked on a little since school has started up, but they said they would read a lot more, and they have. On Friday we had a potluck dinner and they were there and were discussing what they read with us. We were so happy they showed up.

A part member family, the Smiths that we have been working with also showed up! Jacob Smith joined about 6 years ago with his ex-wife, then he got re married to a non-member who is atheist, but I know she is not atheist anymore, we have been teaching her and they are just the sweetest, they have like 7 kids combined, it's nuts. Their littlest son James, who is both of theirs, he is 2. Every time we go to their house he is jumping all over us and climbing on us, and he is the biggest little flirt! haha we try not to  let him jump and climb on us, and they stop him also but he still does haha. Also a super less active (not active) Louie who used to live in 2nd ward just moved in to our ward, he joined cause of his wife but has not been to church since 2004, and him and his wife just went through a very nasty divorce. He showed up to our potluck! Which was huge because he has not been to anything with our church since 2004. Anyways when it was time for the food, which was so yummy, it was pulled pork sandwiches. We were talking to Deena about the Women's expo, that was happening that weekend and then about 5 minutes later in line for food they gave us 10 bucks to pay for us to go to the expo! That we so nice. So we ended up going and we got to talk to 9 people, about the gospel, and not like just a "hi I'm a missionary" but we had at least a 5 -10 minutes conversation with them about the church. It was super fun and so productive. One girl after we said who we were said "Oh so you're Christian." I was so happy that she recognized that we were Christians!!! She was Lutheran and asked what the difference were , and we talked about living prophets and how God loves all  his children, so he gives us a living prophet to guide us today just like there were prophets in the bible. She got this grin on her face and said "that makes so much sense!" and she took our number.  We were about to set up an appointment but her mom grabbed her away. The girl was like 17; she was so curious though and gave us huge hugs haha.
After the expo we then filled up the font! I love filling the font. Carla's baptism was amazing!  It started at 6, but Carla showed up at 5:30 with her mom and sister Evelyn, they look so much alike, and they all dress totally normal, even though they are polygamist. They are so nice!!! Oh my goodness. Then Carla tried on the jumpsuit, it was funny she refused to get a ugly white jumpsuit picture, and we told her it was tradition, and she was like I will never have a picture of me in this, but after you can get a picture haha. So I don't have any pictures like that, I just have one with her in her normal church clothes. Then her sister in law Addie showed up with her kids, she is a member she is from Bountiful actually, and her husband who is Carlas brother is a convert. Then Carla's other brother (different one) Clayton who was baptized a year ago showed up with his fiancée Elise who is also a member. Clayton baptized Carla. I know every time I talk about a baptism I say how spiritual it is, but this one was like times 10! It was so spiritual and amazing. I said the opening prayer and then the bishop talked about baptism, and then Clayton baptized Carla, and it was so sweet! It was his first time baptizing someone. I loved seeing her come out of the water, with a bright light surrounding her, it happens every time; they physically have a brightness, a light about them. After the baptism while they were changing Sister Barkdull and I taught the restoration (tell Brian thanks for that) it went amazing! The spirit was so strong, and her mom and sister were holding hands and I knew they felt the spirit, even though they believe in  the restoration also, I could tell they felt a little different than when they normally hear it. I seriously would not be surprised if Carla's mom joins the church and her sister. After we taught the restoration then there was a talk on the Holy Ghost by Elise (Clayton's fiancée) and it was good, and then Clayton confirmed her a member of the church and blessed her with the Holy Ghost. The blessing was not very elaborate, but simple and beautiful, exactly what was meant to be said. The spirit was so strong. Carla was crying, she cried pretty much the whole time, but then when she gave him a hug after the confirmation I seriously was about to cry, it was so tender, I heard him whisper to her "I am proud of you." No one could deny the spirit in the room, it was so powerful. After the program I gave her a hug and we talked to her family. A lot of people also commented about how we taught the first lesson and how powerful it was and how smart we were to do that. Brother Stephenson said "Why do missionaries not normally do that, that was the smartest thing, it is the best opportunity to teach others about the gospel and bring the spirit so strong before the confirmation." (So make sure Brian knows that his idea was like the best idea on the planet, and I did give him the credit. I told people my brother told me about it.)

They invited us over for soup. So we went over and had soup. We got pictures of us :) and they are great! haha Carla is seriously the cutest girl ever! We then pretty much talked to Elise and Clayton the rest of the time, haha we talked to them about how they met, and dang she went after him like a lot, but I loved his wording he said "she chased me until I caught her" awwww hahaha how cute, anyways it was fun talking with them. While we were talking, Carla's mom cut up an apple from the tree in their yard back home and had us eat it haha, she wanted us to try it and dang it was amazing! So yummy. Carla is a very reserved person so it was nice seeing her being completely being herself with her family.
At church yesterday right when we walked in Brother Eyring, who is like the 1st counselor asked if I would bear my testimony. I was so happy for that opportunity cause Tony and Deena was there so I knew I wanted to bear my testimony on temples and also Carla's mom was there so I also wanted to bear it on the priesthood. I was so happy to have that chance. I was also a little worried cause in Big Fork when I bore my testimony not even three days later I was transferred, so I hope this isn't like a sign that I will be transferred haha. Carla's mom totally came to all the meeting and participated! It was great! Oh and me and Sister Barkdull taught relief society about missionary work also!! Of course we didn't really go with the manual. Anyways me and you (mom) totally had a similar lesson then haha.
OH!!!! also we got a voice mail from President Mecham and in the message he said that we have been chosen as a pilot  mission for  MINI I PADS!!!!! How legit is that! Me and sister Barkdull literally screamed! and jumped up and down! We are getting mini ipads!!! WE are so stinking excited!!!! Anyways that is it. I love you all and I am thinking of you :) please send me some pics and letters I miss hearing from all of you I love getting a break in the week with a letter, it really helps :) i love you , especially you mom :)
 -love andrea :)

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