Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 2, 2014

 Dear Family!
I feel like my emails get shorter and shorter...I am sorry but I bet they will keep getting shorter...I feel like I never know what to say! haha. But first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I love you so much and I am so happy that you had such a good birthday!
I have to say this week in the beginning was hard. It was mainly cause I just scared myself. Having Sister Spencer leave was really hard! I was really scared to have a new companion. But the transition went smooth..okay not really...after the transition it went smooth. I cried seeing Sister Spencer go..that was a hard day, BUT then we just got to work and had a great day! Sister DeBry is from Farren Utah? Super small town. We are so much more a like than I thought we would be and we teach pretty well together! I am very excited for this transfer!
This week we met a investigator, who Sister Spencer met last week, but we were on splits so I did not meet him so it was both of our first time. He was a referral from another set of Sisters...well they could not have given us a more sketchy person to visit! Sister Spencer told me he was sketchy...but I did not realize how sketchy! We had Preston our old was mission leader come. That was a good idea, cause he is first off a priesthood holder, and second he is strong..and we needed him there...haha. Dallas just got out of jail and lives in his car..the whole time we were there he was smoking weed. But he actually had a ton of good questions and comments. Towards the end Preston told him that when we come around we would need him to stop smoking around us and stop cussing. He put out his weed right then. Which was cool. Anyways he has a lot of potential. Sister Debry and I can see it, we know that if he keeps his commitments he will change, and miracles will happen, but until that we are making sure we have at least one priesthood holder with us haha. After teaching Dallas we were talking about crazy stories on our missions and sister Debry was like "Sister Draudt you have had come scary experiences" It didn't hit me till she said that..but ya, I have had some interesting things happen haha. Who would have thought so many creepy things could happen in Montana and Wyoming. But of course I have had so many amazing experiences here, it's pretty cool. I serve in the best mission ever!!!
There have been some really cool tender mercies this week! We got a new less active. Chelsea, she would rarely talk to us before and we never had time to try her, but we went over and taught her and she even came to church! That was so cool! She even told us she will come again next week! Ben came to church also and loved it. We had a break the fast thing after and he made this pasta salad, and it was the first thing gone! Everyone ate it and loved it! How cute is that, Ben was proud of that :) This week when we went to see him he told us he had a couple things to tell us and he said "I don't want to be forced to church or to read the book of Mormon. I have been talking with my therapist and I don't want to be forced" this was so hard! cause he loves church and I know his therapist is just looking out for him, but now he thinks we are forcing him...we had to explain to him that it is his choice and he doesn't have to come, but if he wants to he should come. And well he came to church so that is a good thing. haha. I hope things get better :) I just love Ben! We taught Jonathan for the first time by him self! We set a new baptismal date for July 10th. He really desires it, but since he lives at home his aunt tends to not let us come over a lot and so it is really hard to teach him! Please everyone keep John and his brother Damion in your prayers. They have a really hard life and need prayers. The lesson went so well and the spirit was so strong! We sat out side of the trailer and I just kept thinking "wow the work is hastening. The work is spreading throughout the world. We are teaching Jon, a boy I never would have met unless I came to Montana, and we are teaching him outside of this trailer that is awful, and no matter how bad that situation was, we still were able to have the spirit there and we could feel it. It just shows me that is doesn't matter where you are, if the persons heart is open the spirit can be there and they will feel it!
Yesterday at church was super awesome also! We had several people that just moved in who are RM's and they came up to us and asked to help in any way they could! That was so cool! I love having experiences like that! It seemed like a lot of missionary efforts were being pulled together! I feel like all the final pieces are coming together and the missionary work is about to explode here! I love it!  
Well family I love you all so much and have a wonderful week!
-Love Andrea

PS, I loved the pictures of Eva's pre-school graduation! Haha super cute :) I love you guys!

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