Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 26, 2014

Dear Family!
This week has been crazy! More like just long. We didn't have a lot of appointments, well ok we had a couple but that was it. I think with it being transfer week it has been nuts also. I have been stressing out, and I realized this week how exhausted I am. I know i am tired but I have recognized just how worn out I am getting haha. The mission really does take a toll! But it's totally worth it. I am going to work so hard and then sleep for 2 weeks when I get home haha.
I had an interview with President this week and it was a miracle. I know it was a gift from Heavenly Father. I have been panicking cause I feel like time is going too fast and I have so much to learn still. Well president gave me assignments for when I go home, before I even told him about how I felt haha. He gave me a couple assignments and that really helped me haha. He also told me that I will have a new companion this transfer. Sister Spencer is going to Missoula. I hope I get there before my mission ends. That had been the place I have been wanting to serve since I came out haha. After my interview I literally could feel this weight come off of my shoulder that I did not even know what there. I felt so much peace and jsut relaxed! President Mecham is inspired I know that. Oh my know companion is Sister Debry, she is from a tiny place in Utah...I think. She was in Wyoming with me and she came out with Sister Austin. I don't know her really though, so fingers crossed! I am positive it will be great though, cause every companionship I have had has been great, except in the beginning and I think it is because i am learning how to work with companions better haha. So it will be good. 
This week we also got a new ward mission leader. Which freaked me out cause Preston was a great ward mission leader, But Dallin will be great. I could feel that change was coming to this area and I am excited i feel like that ward mission stuff is changing and so will our missionary work i am so excited!
Yesterday was such a wonderful sacrament meeting. The choir sang and Ben, sweet Ben sang with them. He is the best I will have to send pictures sometime. Luke walker also sang in it her is Less active. I will tell you why that is so cool in just a minute but first i have to address Ben!
Last Monday we met with Ben's mom because we really want her to be know why we are visiting Ben and what we are teaching him. She her self is not religious, and her husband is Jewish. She told us that she has been hoping he would find a church that accepted him and that he felt comfortable and she is great with him joining. The we started talking about what we teach, and she thinks it is all great but Tithing. That is her biggest hold up. She will not support Ben paying tithing, cause he supports himself and just doesn't have enough money. Which to me makes sense, they don't want anyone taking advantage of Ben. So he probably wont be baptized in the next little bit, but we are still going to work with him and he will be baptized haha. I know it. On Saturday he called us up and told us that he would be coming to church. Normally he only comes every other Sunday cause of work and he called us up and said "I was talking to my boss, and for some reason he said I could have Sunday off! That is a miracle. So...I will be at church! I just wanted to tell you." Ben is the sweetest! Then yesterday at church he sang. That was awesome, then in Sunday school we were talking about how baptism is vital to returning to out Heavenly Father. Then in from of the whole class Ben says " I am going to be baptized soon, but the sisters went to talk to my mom about fact (then he turns to us) Sister Draudt and Sister Spencer how did that go?" bahahaha he is so awesome! We told him after class we would talk. so after class we pulled him aside. and I asked "Ben do you want to be baptized" he sad and thought for a second and then said with his pointer finder on him chin "Well, I must be baptized to Live with Heavenly Father again, and I want! I must be baptized!" Wow what a sweet heart! Ben is amazing. We are going to work our hardest to get him baptized cause he has a desire, a strong one. He wants it. :) Maybe that is why I am staying so I can keep working with Ben.
OK now to Luke. Luke is so great he is 18 and knows the church is true, he was active his whole life until like a year ago, he comes sometimes but not a lot. He loves his scriptures though. Well i have been wanting him to get active so he can go on a mission. Well Bishop talked to him last week and asked if he wanted to go on a mission "he said of course" and so bishop told him to come every week, to wear a white shirt when he comes and to cut his hair" BAHAHA  bishop is the best! We saw Luke in the middle of the week, and his hair was cut! Then he was at church this Sunday for all 3 hours and he wore a white shirt and sang in the choir! He is awesome! I am so happy for him! I know his will be that missionary that works so hard and will be fully dedicated! Gah I am so excited for him!
Yesterday one of our less actives was finally reactivated! She has been coming consistently but we just wanted to make sure it is for real. She has quit smoking! over 3 weeks free of smoking and a week and a half free of coffee! she is doing amazing! That is Eliza. I love her so much. Wow so all in all this week may have been slow...but some good things happened! Haha well I love you all have have a wonderful week! :)
                       -Sister Andrea Draudt

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