Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 23, 2013

Dear Family and friends,

      This week we had zone conference in Billings on Tuesday so we left to go up Monday at was a long drive we didn't get there till 9pm...bleh Of course I have grown to like car rides, and so really it was nice, but the ride home sucked because I got car sick and it was not fun. Anyways zone conference was amazing!!!! Thank you all for the letters, it seriously made my day. Seeing Josh's letter was the best haha, it made me cry it was so funny. I can't wait to see all of you on Christmas! I think I will be skyping at noon, I think, just listen to mom, she will know the time. Oh mom I saw your missed call on skype so it looks like you figured things out. Just call that same one, and I will call also. Zone conference was full of musicals and it was beautiful, but I do have to say what a couple of my favorite parts were. The first one was right when we arrived and I was able to see Sister Taylor.  We literally ran to each other, and for the rest of the day we were inseparable, since my comp had to practice her solo with Sister Omealy who was playing the piano. I loved being with Sister Taylor. I was also able to see Elder Rust and Elder Walch! My old zone leader in Great Falls who is seriously awesome. I didn't realize it was him because he had different glasses and a new hair cut, but then I figured it out when he came up to say hi. Then all the Elders from my mtc district were there!!! So we all got a picture with Santa haha. Then another favorite thing was the slide show, I swear I had never seen that little kid picture of me. It was so funny I loved it! It was so fun seeing all these little kids pics of the missionaries I know. Then of course my other favorite part was all the letters I took me two days to read them, everyone else had enough time there, but I didn't...since mine were longer haha. Thank you so much :)
On Wednesday I got that package mom :) and we stopped everything we were doing to set up our little tree, we had so much fun decorating it and putting ornaments on it. We also got the lights put up, and I think it looks pretty dang cute. All of our gifts are under it haha.
Besides zone conference not a lot has gone one this weeks, oh but on Saturday Sam got baptized, the girl that we had to hand over to the other sisters to teach cause she goes to the college branch. Well she was baptized! It was so speical..she has had a really really hard life, harder than most people ever face, and it was so special to see her be baptized and finally come closer to her Heavenly Father, and find her real dad (her Heavenly Father) since her dad is not in the picture. Her mom came also, and when the baptism was going to happen she didn't really know what to do so I had her come with me and I took her up to the font and let her watch. She started to cry, and then after she started to tell me how Sam is her miricale baby, they told her that she would not live, and look at her now. She also told me how proud she is of her and that she finally found the place she has been looking for, where she fits in. Sister Adams a older lady in the my ward started to talk to her when I had to leave, and asked if she wanted to learn more, and she said yes! I really hope she lives in our area cause I want to talk to her. She was concerned about tithing and so me and Sister Austin has a short lesson with her. She is great and I hope she calls us. 
I know this is a short email, but nothing really happened this week haha, plus I get to talk to you on Christmas. 
I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you on Christmas. I am so thankful for our Savior, I am thankful for his humble birth and for Mary and Joseph who raised him. I love my Savior so much, I often think about him and how he is our redeemer, I love knowing that he redeems us from our sorrows and mistakes and sins, and that we can be made clean again. Without that humble birth of our Savior Jesus Christ we would not have the atonement, and we would not have the chance to return to our Heavenly Father. I love my Savior and Redeemer and the comfort he gives to me, that pure happiness. The safety I feel. I love my Heavenly Father and the covenants I make with him. I so happy to know that he has covenanted with me as well and that he loves me so much, more than I know, and will never break his promises. It is all up to me to use my agency and follow him so I can keep my covenants. I love the spirit of Christmas and the REAL meaning of Christmas, our Saviors birth. I know that Jesus Christ was born, and that he lived and suffered for us. He died for us, and has been resurrected. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that he lives.
               -Love sister Andrea Draudt


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