Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013 Kayli's Baptism

Dear Family,
Well I just wanna tell ya how much I love you. This week has been great, but I think we need to get better at planning. We were running around so busy early in the week and then Friday and Saturday we had like nothing going on, haha so we will get better at that. A couple things that happened this week, I will save the best for last.

Tony has been out of town for navy training. Even though he was out of town, super busy and everything he wanted a lesson with us. We called him up and we taught him about the atonement and then we also got into a word of wisdom lesson. He told us he has been trying really hard not to drink coffee. It's hard when he is on that crazy navy training not to have coffee to keep him awake. To stay awake instead of coffee he watches a Mormon message. We also told him earlier he could pray for help and energy since he wasn't drinking his coffee.  He reported back and said that it was working! He also said that instead of going out drinking with all the guys he would stay in the hotel room and eat a sandwich and read scriptures :) How awesome is he? Then we talked to Deena on Saturday and found out she has not had a coffee in 3 weeks!!! Yes!!!! They are amazing!

We have been visiting with Lois this week (the 80 year old lady). Her daughter Cathy actually postponed her flight to this Wednesday and so she was there with us when we taught the plan of salvation. Later in the week we helped move some furniture. Cathy called up and wanted us to find someone to give a blessing to her dad Walter who came home from the assisted living center. He has dementia, has had major anxiety and is having a hard time adjusting. So we had Brother Stephenson some over and give him a blessing, which was amazing, and then he gave Lois one also. Wow, the spirit was so strong. I really had a strong prompting to just go and put my hand on his and introduce myself, so after the blessing I did. He is a mean looking old man, like he just looks angry all the time, so I was nervous, but when I finally went over and I just put my hand on his, and told him I was happy to finally meet him, I just felt at peace, and he smiled at me :) Which I know is not a super amazing thing, but it was for me, like I didn't want to leave his side, I don't know if he cared at all, but I think I helped a little, at least so he wasn't nervous around me.

NOW to the big amazing fantastic wonderful news!!! YESTERDAY WAS KAYLI'S BAPTISM!!!! My first baptism in the field!! And honestly I don't care that it was my first or what the number is all I care about is that it was Kayli's baptism, and it was amazing! At church they came in late, her and Amber (he mom) and I could tell that Amber had had a rough morning, and was struggling. The stupid adversary, ugh I wish he wouldn't bug her! I know that it was because of Kayli's baptism, and also because Amber's is this Saturday. Well anyways Sunday was great and finally Sunday afternoon we started filling the font, that was fun, I felt so important with all the keys to unlock the doors and stuff haha. The font was finally full at about 5:45 and then we just waited for everyone to show up, it was at 6:30 we just talked to people who came early, and we knew everyone (the members) they were the only ones that came early, it was amazing because we already set up a ton of chairs and we had to set up even more because so many people came! There were people from the Great Falls first ward,( so their ward), and then a lot of the Belt Branch came since Kayli went there a lot cause that is her grandma Cathy's ward. We did not know who would really show up from Amber's side of the family, cause they were very much against the baptism, but a ton of them came, they were not very excited about it, but they came and that is what matters :) It was great.  They did not mingle with members at all really; they kinda secluded themselves off, but its ok haha. Kayli's grandpa (so Cathy's husband) Doug, baptized Kayli :) It was sweet!  The spirit was so strong, seeing that sweet girl go under the water and come back up, wow, she has been waiting years for that, I know she is only 9 but she has wanted it for 3 years. Then she went and changed and when she came back out she was in her cute white dress, there was a black belaro with it that was sewn on the dress, because they could not find an all-white dress. haha!  It was beautiful!  She had this glow about her, and I know a couple people on her mom’s side could see it, some of them were not very receptive, but the ones that did try to open their hearts, they saw it. Kayli was beaming. Then when they confirmed her, wow it was such a powerful blessing,.  Her grandpa started to cry during it.  When he confirmed her a member of the church and when gave her the Holy Ghost, wow it was so powerful, just see there were these strong powerful worthy priesthood holders standing around her giving her that Holy Ghost, that had to have been the sweetest sight ever. They just looked like her protectors all up there dressed up :) then we sang Families Can Be Together Forever. This was a sweet choice because it was her deceased father’s birthday. He was there, and that was the best birthday present he could have asked for. I know he was there with her standing by her; he was probably sitting in the chair right next to Amber with his arms around her.

After the program was over, everyone went in to the gym and there were tons of desserts :) haha but we didn't go in there for a while, because we had the opportunity to go in to a quiet room, with Amber, Doug (her father in law), the bishop, brother Urick, and one other priesthood holder to give Amber a blessing. She was feeling it, she needed a blessing, that day had been' really hard for her. That was the most powerful blessing I have ever heard. I feel like if I had opened my eyes during it I would have seen Jacob (Amber's husband) I know he was there. In the blessing they told her that this week would be the hardest week of trials and temptations because the adversary is trying everything. He knows how special Amber is.  That she is not a normal person, but that the adversary knows that, and knows that she was created in Heavenly Mothers image, and that she has too much good work to do and when she had that Holy Ghost and makes those covenants he will not have near as much power to tempt her, so he is going to be working his hardest on her this week. The blessing also said that she will receive that blessing to walk hand in hand with Jacob and be sealed to him through proxy for time and all eternity. The blessing was beautiful. Amber is a special daughter, she is so kind and loving and charitable. 

I was thinking about the Fellmans, and how thankful I know them, and love them. I don't want to imagine my life without meeting them.  They are my purpose, I don't really know how much I help them, but oh goodness they help me. If they are the only people I help on my mission it's worth it.  They are worth every minute, second even, of these 18 months. I want to see Amber and Kayli sealed as a family with Jacob. I am so thankful I am on a mission, sometimes it's really hard and I feel useless like I'm not doing anything or helping anyone, but then yesterday made everything worth it. I love that family so much.  I am so thankful heavenly father let me, just normal old Andrea be a part of the Fellmans coming unto Christ and developing a relationship with Him and being baptized and starting their journey to returning to our Heavenly Father, and  then realizing they will be with Jacob again.
I love you all so much and I am so thankful for my family, and to know we are all sealed together forever, and that we have the gospel in our lives and we have the comfort and happiness that comes from the atonement. I love you so much and I love this gospel.
-love sister draudt!

These are pictures of me Sister Taylor, Kayli, Amber (Kayli's mom), Cathy and Doug (Kaylis grandparents) and then of course me being a dork filling the font :) oh I got a haircut :) you probably can’t tell, I cut 6 inches off! But no one can tell because my hair was so long to begin with. Also like the dress? I got it at Ross, totally modest and only 15 bucks!!! boo ya! Haha

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