Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 13, 2013

Hey Mom and family,

SO I pretty much went to Glacier yesterday. No big deal, It's just the prettiest part of America, that's all haha, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! We must go as a family! I seriously can not comprehend how beautiful it is.  I have never seen some stuff like up there. I have tons of pictures I am going to put them on a disc and probably send it home for ya'll, but you can't lose it cause it's the only one I have. I can't describe what I saw.  It's like out of Lord of the rings. We went on a super short hike to the waterfall, so pretty, I took some rocks with me haha, then we went on this 3 mile hike to "Hidden Lake" which is on a board walk most the time, and it was tiring, cause it was steep, then you get to this overlook of this lake! So pretty.  On the way to the lake we saw goats! And the goat was like 6 feet away from me, not even kidding, and it's baby was with it, like I walked up to it and it came to me! So cool, then I made some squirrel friends, I sat down at the lake and got some trail mix out and they heard it, they literally were touching my shoes and then the one sat by my lap, I seriously thought it would crawl on me. It was so much fun. I loved it! Me and the other set of elders and sisters were seeing if  they would touch our hands, and the elders got them to, I could have but every time the squirrel was going to I pulled away.  I was scared it would bite me haha. The last hike we did was about 5 miles and it was spectacular, like the whole hike I just could not stop looking, this one was more in the Forrest.  It was Avalanche Lake. The trees were so huge and amazing! Then there were these rivers, and I can't even explain to you what they looked like, Like it was literally a river in a huge rock.  Like the river had cut it's way through these beautiful purple rocks, the water was super strong and powerful, and like you had to look down a good 8 feet to where the river was and it was deep, I will send pics cause I can't explain it. We then got to the lake. Can I just say I have never seen water so clean and clear in my life! It was literally like a glass of water. I could see rocks that were deep! It was amazing, it looked like glass. Being at Glacier was so peaceful and breathtaking. Oh also we went with one of the elder's investigators Mica, and he's probably like 35, super nice guy he was a great tour guide.  He bought us dinner, how sweet is that?  He's a great guy.  We all are going to make him a card and give it to him next p-day.

Speaking of investigators, ours are doing amazing! haha When we went to glacier we went up to Fair Field Sunday night and then came home early today, so we stayed 2 nights.  Can I just say that me and sister Taylor both really missed Great Falls. We were homesick for Great Falls and our investigators.   
It's good to be back home.  Well Great Falls home that is, haha. So Tony and Deena are amazing. I think like last Tuesday we taught them the law of tithing and we asked them what they knew about it and Tony said, "Well we actually talked to the bishop about that.  We feel like since we are going to church and participating and want to join, then we need to start paying our share also." I HAD NO WORDS! Sister Taylor and I just sat there dumbfounded, and were like "Uh amen! We can leave now haha!" Seriously we have the best investigators ever!!!! They are the definition of Golden haha.  They just aren't baptized yet cause they are living together and want to get married but want a real wedding. It was cool after the tithing lesson we were talking with them just as friends and we both told them how we are so excited to see them get married and be baptized, but most of all a year from when they are married we can't wait to see them be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. It was cute cause Deena was like "I had not even thought that far yet." Tony left on Sunday for Navy training, but before he left they had us over on Saturday morning for breakfast. He felt so sick, but he did not want to not see us so he was trying to act all normal ,but his eyes were all red and he was pale, finally he went to go lay down. We talked to Deena and shared some of our favorite scriptures. Because they asked for that, they wanted to have a discussion, or just talk about the gospel with us and not a lesson lesson since we have taught them like everything. So we did and it was great. Deena came to church on Sunday alone! How amazing is she? Shes not even a member and Tony was at traning and she came! Awesome!  I love her and I am excited to get to know her better because she is more reserved, and Tony is much more outspoken, so I am excited to just have time with her for the next 2 weeks, don't get me wrong though Tony is flipping amazing! haha!

We taught Amber this week and she was getting ready to go camping with her family and Kayli, her daughter was already gone and so we taught Amber and Izaak. We were planning to teach the plan of salvation, since Izaak just started sitting in on the lessons like 3 weeks ago and has not been there to hear it, but everything was going wrong. Every distraction possible, like the phone kept going off, then the dog got out, then her uncle needed to talk to her, Izaak was mad about the dog being gone and he and Amber were fighting. So finally after being there for like 45 minutes and not even getting to the lesson yet, finally when there was 5 seconds of peace I asked if we could all pray. I knelt down because I felt like if we knelt down it would help us really focus also. So we knelt and I prayed to be able to teach the lesson and to focus and that we could answer her questions. We then also completely ditched the plan of salvation cause we felt it was not right and just shared some scriptures in the book of Mormon and why we need to read it. There were no distractions, and she asked questions about  the Book of Mormon.  I really felt like she had questions but finally she asked them and we were able to have the spirit there!! The lesson was great, but really what was important and amazing was that our prayers were answered. Like even during the lesson the dog came to the door and I let him in.  This dog does not do that, he is crazy and hyper and just runs, but he came to the door, I know that was an answer because Izaak could not focus till that dog was inside and safe :) Heavenly Father is the best.

On Saturday we taught Betty, she is a single mom of 2 and works at a daycare. So just FYI,  I have troubles with talking to people like on the spot.  I don't know how to relate, but with Betty it was awesome.  We only shared a quick message last time so this was our first real time teaching her, and we taught her the restoration. I clicked with her so well!!!  We talked about children the whole time, since she works in a daycare, she and I really connected, as well as we talked about autism and Asperger’s a lot.  It was really neat. It was the first time my companion just sat there and was quiet cause she didn't know what to say. I also have been able to talk to people a lot more, lately.  Before I could talk but I didn't know how to bring up a gospel conversation, and yesterday on the way to Glacier I started up a conversation with a catholic lady about who I was and my mission and what I believe.  Then another sister, sister Lami, talked about the BOM with her. She didn't want to read it, but still! I was happy, and on a trail I was able to talk to a girl about my name tag :) I am learning, I think, slowly, but I am. The one thing that bugs me is that no one wants to tract, like I know we aren't recommended to do it unless we need to, but I feel like there are times when we should because we don't have anything to do, but my comp will avoid completely, so I have yet to tract at all on my mission, and I know it's not a fun thing, but I just really feel like I should do it sometimes, but my comp will not at all, and it bugs me so bad. Oh well!

Ok anyways new subject. Tell Matthew and Mallory that Tony and Deena totally remind me of them.  I seriously think they would all be like best friends. Deena is a nurse and Tony is a dentist office manager.  He is going to school to get some generals done, he wants to be a dentist.  He is even thinking about transferring to U of U. Oh he's also from Iowa. Anyways I seriously think that eventually they need to all get to know each other because they are like supposed to be best friends haha. Tell Jessica Happy Birthday!! :) It has been crazy this week so I wasn't able to write her but tell her how much I love her and all of her letters they make my day, she’s pretty much amazing and I love her :) Also mom, could you send me some of my hoodies and boots, like those big gray boots I wore a lot, as well as some of the brown ones, like any of them that are flat I want. It's starting to get colder and I want something covering my bare legs! haha Oh and I know this is weird but I don't have emails for everyone, can I please get Matt's and Mallorys :) Thanks oh and mom I got you letter and little package today :) It made me so happy; all those pics will be going on the wall for sure :) Hearing about Brooklyn making my bed for when I come home is fantastic!  It's still gonna be a while, but I am excited :) tell her I loved it and also that I will write her super-duper letter soon, and that I might possibly have a surprise for her :) I got a couple souvenirs at Glacier and I don't know if I will keep them with me of send them home. 

I love you all so much and I don't know if I have already shared this with you but I’m gonna share it now its 2 Samuel 7:10, 13-16. Read them. The first verse talks about establishing a place of their own, and then the other verses talk about how when we do commit iniquity we will be chasten, but that He will have mercy on us. So lately this has really been important to be and means a lot. You know when you read something and you get something out of it that maybe someone else would not get, that is this scripture to me. The first verse is talking about a temple obviously but by reading it talks about establishing a home, up to this point they have had the tabernacle that goes with them everywhere and now he is talking to David about a temple. And I love it cause even when these people are traveling they have a temple with them, the tabernacle, and then now they are going to build a temple. I love this because they say to establish a home, and to do that they are building a temple. So I connected that with Home = temple. Even when they are traveling they have the tabernacle so therefore they are home, and now they will build a temple, and that is home, where ever the temple is, that is home. And in real life that is how it is also, like the temple is Heavenly Fathers home.  We are His children, so it is our home. And since we obviously are here on earth, we did leave out home in heaven to come here. We left home, and by having temples on the earth for us to go to, it is Heavenly Fathers way of giving us a little bit of home, giving us a little bit of comfort and a place where we can feel his love and to feel like we are home, because we are when we are in the temple. Also I love how it talks about the Father chastening us and having mercy also. That is like a father, like a dad. When we do something wrong there is a consequence he will give us because we are a child, that, that is our way of learning, but also we are his children and are learning, so that being said he had mercy on us, we are his children and will make mistakes, that's what kids do, and he will help us learn and he loves us, He has mercy on his children :) Ok I know that was long but it's really been sticking out to me and I thought I should share it, I have no idea if that made any sense at all but it does to me :) and I love it.  I love this gospel. I am so thankful for prophets who lead and guide us and I love that we have personal revelation and that we can speak to our Father through prayer. He didn't just ditch us here but He has given us every way possibly that he can to help us and direct us.  I love ya' ll :)
                                         love sister draudt

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