Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 15, 2013

Please send everything to the mission home.  I was transferred and it will be much easier for everything to go to the mission home. 

I am in St. Ignatius which is about an hour and a half from Big Fork. 

Sunday we got a call from the Mission President telling me that I was being transferred right away.  He told me that I needed to pack up and the Sister Training Leaders would be there to pick me up after church. He told me that one of the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Romrell would take me to St. Ignatius and that Sister West would stay with Sister Wahlquist.  

Church was great that day.  After church we went over to the Wagers.  I just love that family and I said my goodbyes. Sister Wagers started to cry and even though I had not known them long we were so close. Sister Strong actually came over to their house while we were there, then funny thing happened she left and 2 seconds later she was back! She backed into our truck!!! bahahahahaha Two accidents in one week!!! Oh my goodness!  Crazy!  We finally got pictures and went back to the McCann’s where the sister training leaders were waiting for us. I ran in and finished packing and I said goodbye to sister McCann and we were off.

It was hard to leave. I loved Big Fork and I loved the people there but I am excited to get to work in my new area.

I love Sister Romrell! Like I said, I am now in St. Ignatius, with Sister Romrell at least until they send me to a new trainer. That could be anywhere from one day to three weeks. I love it here. It is not like Big Fork at all.  There are no trees, but there are these huge huge huge mountains!! It's really pretty. We walked around town and contacted some people in the ward and even investigators.  We ran in to these two brothers in their forties and talked to them for a while.  Their mom is from Germany and we just had a great time talking to them.  They were very nice people.

Okay so remember that experience I said I would tell you about?  Well here it is…. We went to a member’s house for dinner (the Lancaster’s) and they have 3 grand kids. Chris 19, Stephan 20 and Alexia 12 and their granddaughter’s friend was there. The grand kids are just getting back into the church. We had a blast getting to know them and we had a fire going where they cooked steaks, it was yummy.  The dinner started at 5, but they didn't even cook the food till 5:30 and they weren't done till 6. We had to cancel an appointment with another member.  It turned out to be a good thing because after dinner Brother Lancaster turned the conversation to the gospel. 

The grand kids are all members, but the two boys are from their mom’s first marriage and so they are the Lancaster’s step grand kids.  They stopped going to church and being active after their parents’ divorce. I don't know what happened but Chris doesn't believe in God because of circumstances with his dad.  I don't know what happened but it deeply affected him and his brother and they wanted nothing to do with their dad or that side of the family. He hasn't prayed for seven years because of everything that happened. It was really bad and he felt like Heavenly Father never saved him from the situation.  Until a year ago this poor boy hated himself because he reminded himself of his dad. 

Stephan is really trying to do well with the church.  He's gotten back into church and wants to serve a mission.  I think Chris is just hurt and he doesn't know what to do. 

Brother Lancaster asked what question Chris had for God. Chris then just said "Why? Why did we have to go through that pain?  Why did my family have to go through that, why couldn't it have just been me? Why did they have to get hurt also?"  Then Sister Lancaster offered a very amazing sincere prayer about helping him find answers.  I kept my head bowed for a minute just to think and to feel the spirit.  When I looked up, Chris was looking directly at me with this light in his eyes.  I had never seen such a light before.  He just smiled at me.   After the prayer the spirit was so strong and Brother Lancaster asked if he would want to offer a prayer and Chris said, "Yes, I would like to try." I have never heard such a heartfelt sincere, diligently seeking, honest prayer in my life.  The whole time I was thinking, Heavenly Father is finally being able to talk with his sweet child again. In the prayer Chris begged for answers.  He said, “I have waited seven years! Please don't make me wait longer.  I can't wait another seven years.  I need answers and help now."   He also asked about needing him and his love now. After the prayer we all just sat and their whole family had this super sweet hug. Then Chris came to give me a hug.  Of course I’m not allowed to, but his grandpa was there to give me and him, and his bother this weird three person hug.  It didn't work so well. Ha-ha! That was my super amazing story.

Oh, I had my first pig roast this week!  It was at Mr. Woodard’s (he is catholic). He just had a quadruple bypass surgery.  The pig roast was a celebration for him being alright. When we went to congratulate him he gave us hugs!! Ha-ha we didn't hug him back. Then he told us “Sorry I'm a little drunk.   I have had two glasses of wine”.   Then he unbuttoned the top of his shirt to show us his scar...oh boy that was funny...he is like a short tiny 70 year old man.  It was so funny.

Well I love you all and I am doing well.  I really am excited to start working in my new area.  Mom I love you so much and Paps I love you so much! I am happy you guys got the package!!! Oh mom!! I loved the pictures you sent.  They are amazing!! I love all the pictures of the family. I'm happy to hear Vicky is doing better. I'm happy my kiddos are doing well in preschool.   And I need pictures of Claire when she is walking.  Oh my goodness.  I miss Brookie and Gavin and Eva and Claire.   You guys better make sure they see pictures of me.  I don't want them to completely be like "Who is that?" when I come home ha ha :) I love ya.

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