Monday, July 1, 2013

In Montana!

June 26, 2013

Dear Mom and Paps and Family and friends,

I made it wahooo!  So we rode a small plane, like way small, I loved it.  It was so cool! When we got here we went to pick up our luggage.  It is such a small airport.  There were statues of horses ha ha. My mission president, President Mechum and Sister Mecham are so sweet!  Oh we went to the temple like an hour after being here.  Mom and Paps, it is beautiful.  So much prettier than in pictures.  It was like heaven.  It has to be one of the prettiest temples I have ever seen. We got a picture with all of the missionaries who arrived.  There is 32 of us. Crazy right?

We asked one of the assistants to the President (AP's) and he said last time it was about 18, and before that 12 and before that 6, so we are the largest group so far. Anyways, it's great here.  It's like home except no mountains and instead there are a couple of platues (like by the temple), of course I have only been here for like 5 hours haha. 

Back to the temple, we did a session.  I hardly could stay awake, well I dozed off a little on accident; I'm just so stinking tired haha.  Inside the temple in like the lounge area behind the front desk, there is a huge arched window, and cealing.  You can see the blue sky through it and captain Moroni.  It is amazing, and then there are pictures of Christ and the Lamanites.  It's so cool how temples are decorated and made for the specific areas.  Like this is "Big Sky" country and there is a window ceiling.  Also walking into the celestial room is amazing.  You know on the picture on my computer with the circular window thing sticking out.  Well that is in the celestial room!  I have always thought that Mt. Timpanogas temple had the prettiest celestial room, but ma and pa, its beautiful!  I think it's my favorite, it is obviously much smaller, but wow, it is amazing.  I didn't want to leave.  I am going to be cheesy for a second, but like I picture a couple of years from now when I am married and like me and my husband coming back here to do a session and being able to stand in front of that amazing stained glass window and just knowing we will be together for eternity.  The celestial room is so beautiful! I can't even explain to you in words, but it was literally "awww" some.  The celestial room is spectacular!  The whole temple is so fantastic!

Oh so p-day is Monday.  I still don't know where I am being assigned.  I will figure that out tomorrow.  I just hope it's not a huge long bus ride haha.  Hopefully my trainer will be good too, haha.  I am a little nervous.  Well I love it here.  I will write you Monday!  I love you guys! Love Sister Draudt

 P.S. ( June 26, 2013)

So I was talking to E. Davis, (he is an AP), he said that the average weight gain is 30 pounds.  Oh my gosh I cannot let that happen!  Us sisters were at a hotel last night and this morning at breakfast there I tried to be healthy cause well I can't gain 30 pounds.  Hahahaha! Dang!  Oh we were in down town last night, dang it is pretty here.  Also our room was flipping fancy! Ok well I will tell you where I am assigned probably on Monday when I email you cause we need to mail this letter.  I love you guys.

I just got my area assignment! OH MY GOSH!  I AM SO HAPPY!  I am going to the Kalispell area, the city of Big Fork!  It is in the northern west part.  Glacier National Park is in my area!  It is the area that is like the "treasure" of America, that everyone loves.  They said it is a very wealthy resort area. I am so excited I seriously thought Wyoming! But no! I can't wait. My companion / trainer is Sister Wahlquist.  I will meet her tomorrow.  We leave at 8:00 a.m. from Billings.  It is over a 7 hour bus ride! Hahaha.  Fun stuff. 

I love you guys, XOXOXOXO

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