Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Pioneer Day!!!!

MOM AND PAPS! Well everyone!! Hahaha

First off I want to say I love all of your emails, it’s hard to reply to everyone, but just so ya’ll know I realllllly appreciate them! Ok now, 2nd this week has been flipping amazing! Sister Romrell is amazing!!! I love being with her. We work work work and I love it. I have some pretty nasty blisters on my feet and am getting some sick tan lines hahaha, but it's awesome! I love working like this. A couple days ago we were told I would stay with her the rest of the transfer but then it changed.  We got a call from the AP's and I am going to Great Falls! I'm excited mainly because my companion will be Sister Taylor!!! She was in the MTC with me!!! I love her and she is amazing! She is 25 and from Springville.  Everyone thinks she's 19 though it's funny. I am so happy I will have a companion who I know and I already love. It is such a blessing from the Lord and an answer to prayers.  Honestly, I was scared to death about who my companion would be.  I just had so much stress and it like built up this wall back up in Bigfork and it took me a couple days with Sister Romrell to be able to take it down. I am grateful for that experience now though. It taught me that I can be strong and that I am obedient.  I obviously make mistakes; but that I try my hardest and that I don't need someone to make sure I am obedient. I am obedient and I want to be. I want to follow all the rules and work my butt off.
Oh also.....let me get this right, you, mom and dad went to a rodeo?? Whaaaa!!! I wish I had pictures!! Dang!! hahaha Well I'm happy ya'll went hahaha.  I need to get Josh in to this whole country thing, since all the family is embracing it haha, maybe I will send Josh some cowboy stuff, or Native American stuff, and tell him that he needs to become more country, because if he wants that Montana shirt he has to earn it hahaha!!  Just kidding.
Well now I will update you on why this week has been fabulous, and honestly I don't have a lot to say, because I have nothing to complain about.  It has been amazing.  We just walk and drive everywhere and knock on tons of referral's doors and sometimes just on random people we feel we should. Like I said I'm getting some tan lines and blisters; bad ones ha-ha.

A cool experience, after I emailed last week we went to get lunch at this cute little diner, "The Old Timer Cafe." Well our waiter is actually a less active we had an appointment set up with later in the week. We didn't realize any of this cause we had never met him before.  He asked us if we were stalking him haha. We were all joking and had a blast getting to know him, and talking about the gospel, he is less active because he works on Sundays.  We found out his wife is not a member, and they have an 8 week old baby. He actually asked us to talk to his wife.  So then later that week we talked to her at the appointment that was supposed to be for him. We taught the restoration and also about families.  I then thought I should ask him about something. I don't remember what now, but it doesn't matter because I asked and he ended up bearing his testimony to her and for like 15 minutes!! It was awesome!! She was in tears and the spirit was so strong.  We have another meeting with her this week, but I won't be here sadly, I will be in Great Falls. But anyways it was flipping awesome!! Like I started picturing them going through the temple and being sealed as a family for eternity.  I could just see it so clear. I know that they are ready and in a year and a month or two I know that they can be there. Family is everything to her, and I know that they can be together forever.  I feel really strongly that she will be baptized and they will get to the temple, because she is ready.  She has never had religion in her life before but she is ready now. It was awesome.
Ok now for my creepy experience. Yesterday we went to see this referral…. we'll call him Bob. When he answered the door he was in short shorts and no shirt and in his wheel chair cause he doesn't have a leg. He shut the door and put on clothes. Then we were able to talk to him. His dog had to go to the bathroom so we said we would take him.  We went into the alley behind his apartment. About 5 minutes later this hippie looking Native American drove up, he went out of his way to pull up to us because the alley is not a road.  He said something and we pretended we heard and he drove off.  Three minutes later he was back, he had gone around the block and came back and tried talking to us again. Sister Romrell went over and I just stayed turned around with my back to him but I could hear what he was saying. Bob was only like five feet away too. Well the Native American said "You need to be careful, that guy's a pedophile"...uhhhhh I am so happy I had my back to him, I would have had no idea how to respond. Sister Romrell said "We're okay" and then the man asked "Do you know what a pedophile is?" She said "yes" and the guy just stayed and watched us for a minute then he left. When he was gone Bob asked Sister Romrell, "What did he tell you" and again I am happy I didn't have to respond, but Sister Romrell is pro and said" I don't know. I think he was drunk" phew! Good save.  It was still freaking awkward, especially cause as we were walking back to his apartment, the other guy drove by again, very slow, to just check up on us. It was very nice of him I thought, it was good he was checking up on us. It was a little awkward. Then we stayed outside his door and Bob talked to us for a couple minutes and he said we could come back and help him mop his floor because he can't do that by himself.  He then told us that last week he was in the hospital and he told the nurses and doctors to shackle him up when he was sleeping because he does stuff.... stuff... and then he said he put his doctor in a choke hold. Anyways, that freaked me out. I didn't show it or anything but yeah... I'm happy I am leaving and I won't have to go clean his house for him...hahaha little scary... so that is my crazy experience.

I also tried to clean a hoarder’s kitchen.  There was a bowl full off maggots, and there were mice droppings everywhere.  I am so happy the Lord watches out for us it was a nasty to clean.  We cleaned for an hour and barley made a dent haha. 

Anyways I am loving life. Well I have never been so tired in my life and I hear it only gets worse.  But it's great haha. I love my personal study time, it can be really hard to focus because I am so tired but it’s awesome! I was reading in 2 Samuel 7 and it was great. It was talking about temples and also our Heavenly Father.  I know it didn't really connect but my mind went off and I thought about how temples are so great and we love being in them so much because they are home. They are a little piece of home from before, and it is our Father's home also. I loved putting the temple in more of a personal perspective. Like how God is our Heavenly Father and He really is that, our Father, and He loves us, and the temple is home. I liked it a lot and it just made me feel happy :) haha

I love ya'll and I will talk to ya more later...oh wait!  PS:  The Wagers wrote you!!! I am so happy they kinda sorta were my favorite family in Bigfork haha.  I loved them, they are so sweet.  I need to write them. When I was at their house it just felt like home. They actually have a daughter in Ukraine on a mission which is so cool! I'm so happy they wrote you.  When you write them back tell them I freaking love them and miss them, and that one day I will be back and we can joke about her knees again haha. I love them! 

I love you family! I hope you guys have a wonderful and amazing week! Tell Sarah Dotson I am so happy for her and that she needs to take advantage of the temple as much as she can because she will really miss it.  I miss it so much.  The temple is such a special place and it is hard not to be able to just go anytime, so make sure she really uses the temple while she is there.

I love ya'll :) oh I might be spending a lot of money soon, cause I leave tomorrow to Great Falls and well I'm gonna buy moccasins.. I don't know how to spell that, anyways they are super expensive, but I’ve got to do it while I’m here because I might not get to come back to St Ignatius and this is the only reservation Sisters serve on.

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