Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 21, 2014

This week!!! This week has been great! On Wednesday Sister Spencer was sick, so we did not do a lot.  
We did our normal routine in the morning and we had a appointment with Eliza, she is sorta less active. Anyways she is amazing! It was the first time I really have met her, and oh my goodness she is great! That day got so much better cause we were able to see her. I convinced Sister Spencer to let us go back to the office, so she could relax, but I could also get work done, because I hate sitting around when I am not sick. We went to the office and I got a lot done. In the evening I was struggling because we went back to the apartment for dinner and stayed there for her to rest. At 8 Pm I asked if we could just get out of the apartment for a little bit, so we left and got her some medicine. After that we went back to the apartment and I did not want to go back inside, so we planned in the car for the next day. While planning Sister Strong called us and said "Sister Draudt, someone wants to talk to you" Then the best thing ever happened, I heard Sister Austin's voice! She was being transferred to Kalispell!!!(It was transfer day) I really wanted to see her the whole day, but I didn't know if I was allowed, so we did not go to the church where she was. So hearing her voice was the best!  She asked if I could come see her and well, I had to! Haha. So we drove over to the Stake center, and I ran in and Sister Austin and I just hugged for like 5 minutes Straight! Oh my goodness I love sister Austin so so much. We talked and talked and talked. We ended up having to take her and another sister to the Monad sister's apartments, which was awesome! We talked forever, she told me all about everything happening and caught up. I did not want to leave, but we had to. When we got home Elder Hemenway called (our ZL he is from OREM!) and asked if we would take the sisters to the mission home in the morning, so I was able to see her in the morning too. I could not have asked for a better 2 days! After Sister Austin left early in the morning we continued with our day and It was a good day.
On Thursday night we went to a less active's house, Brandie. I think I have mentioned her before. She is an interesting lady haha. Well we had a good lesson with her, but at the end we were joking around. She is from Powell Wyoming, she always says they need spunky Bold missionaries down there, and she was saying how sister Spencer would do great, cause she is bold, and I am not. It was not a rude comment at all, but it really started to bug me and I got really down. I realized I am not nearly as Bold as I was in Riverton. I was so sad.  I am determined to change. We were talking about Easter and I don't really remember what made me think about what I am going to say, but It helped me. I thought about how the Resurrection of Christ and how he lives again. I realized that We are not just physically resurrected after this life, but we  can be spiritually resurrected each day. We can repent and we can change, we can have new beginnings because our Savior paid for our sins, and he died for us and he lives again. We can live again like him also, every day. I determined right then that I would live again right then. I was repenting and determining to change. I would live again. I will be that Bold missionary again, I will be the missionary Heavenly Father wants me to be. This is my new beginning.   I felt at that very moment that my Savior lives!!! I know that he lives, but right then it  was so strong!!! I know that Jesus Christ lives!!! In one of Elder Hollands talks he testifies of God and says he is more sure that he lives than he is sure that that the people in the conference center sat before him. This is exactly how I felt, and I feel. My Savior lives! What a miracle that is! He lives. 
At the end of the lesson, Brandie looked at me and asked why I was crying (because I am totally a bawl baby now bleh) Right then I testified to her that I know Jesus Christ lives. It was a very simple testimony, but it is true. I know my Savior lives. I hope all of you know that too, that he lives and because he lives, we will too.
On Saturday during studies I really wanted to read about Christ Resurrection out of all the 4 gospels. That was one of the most powerful experiences I have had during my study time. I noticed how there were all different versions of the simple simple things that did not really matter, like how many angels there were and stuff. But the major points stayed exactly the same. I recognized that in all the gospels the last thing Christ said before ascending to heaven is to preach the gospel! His last words are to preach the gospel! How amazing is that? Obviously it is so very important if those are his last words! I love in John where it says "Why seek ye the living among the dead" I love that!  It is obvious with Christ Rising, but I think we do this all the time in daily life. We seek truly living (having eternal joy) in worldly ways and places (which all are only temporary, and will leave, will die) Ok that probably makes no sense but it makes sense in my head haha. While studying I had this idea, which was more like a prompting, to tract with an Easter message. Then it got more specific, to go share a Easter message with our very devout Lutheran neighbors. They are so sweet. I told sister Spencer about  this and she was excited also. We went over To Fred and Eileen's. What a blessing to be in their home. They shared so many miracles that they have seen. Fred is a walking miracle, at like 8 months old his head was burned so badly, and he shoulder. He had over 80 skin graphs and surgeries. Then one time he had a nail in his eye, and another time a piece of wood fell right in his head and went in his brain. He had cancer at one point, and they prayed and he had an anointing in his church and when they went in there was no cancer. We had a testimony meeting with them pretty much about how our Savior lives and everything he gives us. We shared that "Because of Him" video! I love that video, we have watched it over 15 times and never get sick of it. I know that we were supposed to go see Fred and Eileen, we were able to strengthen our relationship with them and help them. I love that even though they are Lutheran and we are Mormon it does not matter at all, we could just sit and talk about our Savior with them. We all can know that Jesus Christ is out Savior, and that he lives.

Ok so yesterday EASTER! Was the best Easter ever! We has a Morning Devotional with out District. Elder Thomas who is our new district leader planned it. He is also from Orem! He is a really great missionary. He only came out a couple months ago. We watched the "Because of him" video, and we all took turns bearing our testimonies on the Savior. Elder Thomas told us that today could be the best day of our missions so far. I really took that to Heart and decided that it would be the best day of my mission so far. After the devotional we went home and put scriptures about Christ Resurrection in plastic eggs so that we could give them away at church.
Sacrament was the coolest! It was a great meeting but what made it cool was that Korrin, who is one of our investigators brought her mom with her to church so she could watch her sing in the choir :) Then Ben our investigator with aspergers/ autism :) He is such a sweet guy, he sang in the choir also :) Right then his mom walked in the chapel and was able to watch him sing. What a sweet sight to see. She just grinned from ear to ear. Sacrament meeting could not have been better. These 2 moms were able to see their children in the choir and to see how much the ward loves them. 
After Church we went home and studied, not for too long though, because we had Easter Dinner with Eliza and her mom :) It was so fun and just awesome! Eliza's mom is a member but not active and we were able to have a great conversation about our Savior. Dinner was so good, and they are classy people, so it was very nice haha. We then went all the way out to Shepherd, which is about half an hour from Billings. Johnathan his aunt Randy and her daughter Promise and Promise's boyfriend Ernesto were there. We played chubby bunny with them and the elders. I got 5 in my mouth and it was awful I was like about to gag. It was gross, we all had marshmallow freaking gross. It was so funny to go from Eliza's to Johnathan's haha, where we were all loud. I will have to send pics. We talked about Promise's baptism a little which was great! We then left and saw Jessie, he still does not want to come to our ward, but we will get him there, haha he is a very sweet person. Then we finished the night off at out Bishops :) Best way to end the night. Easter was one amazing day!
This week has been great. I want to bear my testimony that Jesus Christ lives, and that he is the Savior of the World, he is my Savior. He understand me perfectly and did what he did so that he can help me. I love him and am so grateful for his sacrifice and for Heavenly Fathers sacrifice. This gospel is true.  I love you all so much :) Happy Easter :)
                -Andrea :)

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