Friday, June 21, 2013

MTC Awesomeness!

Dear Family and Friends!
         JUst to start off i am totally gonna type this and not really care about all my mistakes cause i think it is more important that i update you as much as i can.  Oh so the spirit here is the most amazing thing ever! I seriously have never had the spirit with me, surrounding me in everything i do and say at all times and all places, even in when in the cafiteria. I have the coolest district ever!!! So there are 5 of us going to St george, they is sis davis (who is the funniest giddy girl ever she is amazing! and from texas), sis potter (right coolest name on the planet, i have really grown to love her. she is from flordia) then there are elders bell, who is like 7 feet tall and from nashville. then there is elder stover who we dicided last night looks like ryan gossling, from maryland. Then there is elder stevensen from wisconsin, he totally has the accent and everything! his accent it is funny. Ok so that was the st george people, then we have everyone going to montana, which is me obviously, then my companion sister hoag (it's pronounced hoyg) she is actually from st geroge so we always talk about how she will be home when the elders are still in st george and she will have them over for dinner. OK i will tell more about her in a minute but i wanna get to the rest of my district. There is sister taylor from springville, she is 25 and everyone thinks she is 19 haha, shes amazing! i love her so much,. she always says the funniest things and so we have all these silly inside jokes. Then there is her companion sister McCain, from texas, she is 20, and very silly. she kinda reminds me of brenna in the way she looks haha. Ok then there is elder greenwall from santaquin, he is very nice and always so helpful, i really admire him, he graduated this year! crazy!!! so young, then there is elder rassmussen, who is the distrct leader, he goes to byu but is from reno nevada. then here is ELDER JOHNSON!!!! OH MY GOSH! HE IS AMAZING! Elder johnson is from montiselo utah. the best thing ever is that he totally looks like THOR, not even joking, he is awsome, me and sister hoag got picutures with him holding up a book of mormen representing his hammer! hahahahah he is huge, like he was a football player track runner, basketball player, he just did everything, oh and hes a farmer haha. Yesturday we were tying to get sister potters attention and he busts out saying "POTTER" super loud and direct, in a british accent! haha it just cracks me up so much, cause the first day he was very quiet and shy but now he just is one of us.
          So my companion,...where do I begin, i love her to pieces, but she had a lot of problems like anxiety and panic attacks and she just says she has all these things wrong. It is hard sometimes because i am not used to haveing another girl around me 24/7, like i just want time to think by myself, like shes great, but we are still so so diffrent and i just want a break, but i can't ...ohwell haha. I have learned to love gym time, when we are there i can run upstairs without her by my side,  so i have time to breath. Of course i know i have totally gained weight haha, but oh well, i'm not gonna check on the scale. the elders like johnson and stover are even more self concious than the sisters about weight, like the first couple days of eating was a free for all but now they are very conscious about what they eat haha, it just makes me feel guilty.
          So besides just silly stuff i have such an amzing experince to share with you guys. On monday sister davis was just going overboard with helping and service, well she wore herself out, and ended up having and anxiety attack and muscle spasums. We did not know things til greewall and rass, came to class at 9pm and said they were late cause they had to escort her back. That night at about 9:15 we all left but johnson made sure that we knew we could ask for blessings and that we needed to tell sister davis. all the elders agreed with him,. then they went back to their rooms and we to ours. When we got back sister davis was just laying on her bed and you could tell she was not ok, she was trying to hide it , but we could tell. we told her  we could get the elders, but she said no she would be fine. We knew she needed a blessing so we (me mccain taylor and hoag) went to a phone that automatically goes to the info desk. so i get on the phone and they need to know the elders full name. well we never talk about their real names, but luckily that day me and a couple of the sisters got off task, i know im saying its a good thing, but this really helped out. We found out all their first names. so i was able to tell them aj rassmusen, our ditrict leader, but that wasn't completly correcrt  cause aj stands for something, so then they couldnt fin them so i told them zachary johnson, and they found them immediatly and said they would call them and get them to the front desk. So then sister mccain and taylor ran to the infor desk all the way across campus, litrally the furthest away it could have possibly been. While they did that me and hoag went back to the room and i offered a prayer. During the middle of the prayer the sisters returned early. After the prayer they told us that they were praying the whole time to just run into the elders because sister davis needed them immediatly and they didn't want to have to wait to go to the info desk. well while they were outside they were going to the desk and they totally ran into them right out side out class room building, which is tons closer than the info desk. It was elder johnson and bell. Sis taylor said when they saw bell, his face was just shocked and like wow! because he had a feeling to go on a walk before they went back to their rooms for the night, he felt stupid asking johnson, but he did and then they ran into sister taylor and mccain. WOW! the spirit guides and leads us! then we got the elders back and we went to lobby kinda by the gym. sister davis literally could not walk cause the muscle spasums, we had to hold both arms, and shoulders to help her. When we got to the lobby, it was just a lobby, some vending machines and picnic tables. she sat on one of the benches and we all gathered around. Elder Johnson then annointed her with oil, as soon as that happend i started to cry, we all did. I can't explain to you how strong the spirit was, it was overwhelming and pure love. THen elder bell sealed the annointing and gave her a blessing. he is barely 18, he is the baby of the group, but he gave the more profound blessing not because of the words but because of the spirit. I was a simple blessing but he took his time to listen to the spirit, all the said was that she could relax and that her heavenly Father loves her. Seriously that was it, not fancy terms, simple and pure. After the blessing there was this bright calm atmosphere in the lobby. We then said out goodnights and went back to our room. THis is such a testimony to me that God hears and answers prayers. Elder bell listened to the prompting of going on a walk, he was suprised as we were that it was prompting, he was so astonished. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, he will always help us. I know the priesthood can heal and comfort. I am so thankful for this gospel and to be a missionary.
         So also on monday i had a rough day, it was awful, i felt like everyone was telling me i talked to fast and stuff, and then i was not catching on how to plan a lesson at all. It seemed like everyone else was but i was not. I actually broke down and started to cry, and i honestly dont know  the reasons why i was crying. i just sat in the bathroom and tried so hard to hold it in while sister hoag comforted me. I felt behind and confused and not smart at all. Then after about 20 minutes i had calmed down and when in the class elder sisonbe had me and sister hoag talk with him. he had no idea what was wrong at all. but when he took us aside and asked us how we were doing i cried again. I seriously have cried so much more that i normally do, not because i am always sad though, a lot are happy tears haha. OK well i was crying and like he asked me what was wrong, i told him and he helped us out a lot, and i felt so much better, he said i was doing so much better than i thought. the mtc had noticed since the age change the teaching has gotten better but the confidence has dropped. He told me i really am doing amazing, and i need to believe in myself. After we talked for a bit and he helped us we totally went back to class and sis mccain taylor, and elder johnson and bell were freaking out also, i found out they were in as much panic as i was, they felt so lost. I know i shouldn't find comfort in that but i totally did haha.
        So we teach role play investgators and me and sis hoag have enjoyed that. we recently had a lady named michelle, it was hard!cause she didn't believe in Christ! but we accomplished it thanks to the spirit, yes it was not amazing by any means but we were able to have some of the spirit there which really helped. Then yesterday we taught "caleb" who is actually played by our teacher bro lester. We had this lesson plan and outline about the atonement and the BOM. well i honestly did not like the lesson outline,. sister hoag insisted on teaching it though, i did not feel prepared. BUt we went in and when we asked him about his reading he talked about how the family of nephi was fun to read about, then we totally went off on family and learned about his! and we ended up reading a scripture about finding comfort with family, bcause his mom had scizophrenia, and so does sis hoags little sister. then i went off about being sealed with our family forever, and making covanents. he didn't know what a covanant was and we explained how it was a promise. this was diffrent then what he had ever heard, expecally families and baptism, that it wasn't just a cleansing, but that it was promise to keep the commandments and stuff. We commited him to be baptized and he said if he could keep learning about covanents he would be. We have not been able to have him commit yet until yesturday! (oh that is another thing, the church now has us commit then on the first lesson we teach, and  every lesson after that, until they are baptized.) weird right, but that's the way they do it now and when they explained why, then it really makes sense, but it is too much to write to explain it.
     ok so another funny story there is an elder bingham on the same floor of our class, and we ran into him one day, he is also going to montana, and so is some of his district. well now that we have that little thing in common, he is always saying hi to me and stuff and knows my name. Then on tuesday i want to say, me and my comp were in the book store we saw him and said hello and went off on doing other stuff. 5 minutes later he found me and said "since I'm from vernal, and you're from orem, and i'm going to uvu when i get home, we should exchange information so that we can get together after out missions" i was like "ya sure" haha. He is probably barly 18 and sillyish haha, but very nice. So of course when we got back our class room my comp had to inform the whole district. THen he ended sitting outside of our class in the study area "ponder lounge" and so sis hoag told everyone yet again, and all the sisters went to go look, then elder stover and stevensen were like "do you want us to go beat him us sister draudt?" haha i was like uhhhh, no that's ok...thanks??? I love our elders it was so funny. OH also when we had just told the district about this boy, bro lester got all serious and said " you tell me who he is and i will talk to him right now, that is not ok if you are uncomfortable" i was like no i'm totally fine! he's just being nice, like he's not creeping me out at all haha. All the elders started saying "oooooooooo" as soon as they heard about this elder, and they wanted to go look at him too, i was like no pelase don't. It is weird seeing that elder bingham around though, cause he always can spot me out haha and he now purposly sits in the ponder lounge by out class....anyways yep.
          So please send lettesr!! i love them they really make me happy, i still don't know my mission address, but i leave on Tuesday!! crazy right!! wow i can't believe it, yet i am so excited and ready to get to montana.
            DAD! THIS IS FOR YOU. I love you so much! i was thinking about you on fathers day and i wasnt allowed to send a letter, im sorry! i am really thankful for your cards you have sent. Yesterday when we got the mail (we got it at 9:30pm) i got your 2nd card with the picutures, your totally gonna think i am so girly and emotional, and honestly right now i am, i think being around all these girls and their hormones is doing something to me haha. anyways i started crying. being able to have picutres of you when you were young is amazing thank you so much, i have never seen alot of picutes and i love it! i would love to have more if you have them, i really enjoy them and i feel it is our bonding time since i am gone right now. i loved the picture with you and omi :) that made my day, week even :) I love you paps and i hope you had a great day.
    I totally got aunt debbies package!! thank you! it was  amazing! i loved the big hunk, i told the sisters since i can't have a boyfriend right now, then the big hunk is my guy hahah. i loved all the treats and cute quotes, it totally got those at a time i was struggling with not feeling like i was learning everything, and they totally really helped me. Mom thanks for the letters and package, i love letters from you :) i love you so much. Matthew and chris! i got your letters the same day, mattew your quote really helped me, you all knew exactly what to say "Don't tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big God is" also yes i bet i have gained weight, but well im not gonna check. Chris , i dont think the sisters are like the elders...i looked for sisters "markes" they had left,and well there were not any! i totally will try though to leave a mark, thanks for updating me on orem days :) i love summer fest i am happy you have had fun :) Jessica thanks for updating me and i loved your letter! please keep writing! oh and you can totally put this on my blog, or put what ever part you want on it haha and you can go on my fb account tell everyone to read my blog. Tell brookie i love her!!! Tell gavin and eva and claire I love them too.
       mY pday is today, thursday. i totally wanna send pics but i dont know how on this computer, i might send more if I get a chance later on a computer. Oh please send picutes!!!! i want picutes of all ya'll. Next time i write i will be in montana. mom can you please send this email to my friends. i dont have much time to email them at all, please send to nicole!! i love her and i want to keep up withher, actually maybe i will forward it to her
      Missionary life is great and the gospel is true.  Love, Sister Andrea Draudt

ps tell Sara Dotson I am so so so excited for her mission call to Alaska.  that is so awesome.

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